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    Draft proofing doors

    My workshop is in a conventional garage attached to the house. Access is via an internal door and the usual pair of doors at the front. The large doors are sound but are gappy and draughty. I'm thinking of a heavy curtain on the inside but don't know what material to use. Have a good pole for...
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    Wood flooring refurb

    Daughter is moving into new house fitted with engineered wood flooring bought from B&Q. Centre of lounge floor is very dull/damaged no obvious scratches. Damage looks to have been caused by mechanical means _ irregular in shape and in degree. Patch is circular about five feet across. Question...
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    Bog oak polish.

    I am relatively new to wood turning and am enjoying trying out various projects. I have made a couple of vertical sided bowls 100mm diameter and 25mm high out of bog oak. Sanded them, sealed with Mylands Cellulose Sealer and then polished with Wood Wax 22 This process left white wax...
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    Record 9 1/2 plane mouth lever

    I am renovating a Record 9 1/2 plane for my grandson to use on a woodworking course. It's in good order but is missing the pin or stud to which the mouth lever is attached. The brass knob and slotted fitting are present. Can someone tell me if the hole is threaded or was the pin a press fit...