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    Happy Birthday Mike

    Happy Birthday Mike (Mike.C that is), have a nice one son. All the best Dad
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    Wireless Laptop

    If it is at all possible, how easy would it be to change a non wireless enabled laptop over to wireless enabled, so that i can access the internet (broadband) from anywhere around the house and in the garden? And if it is possible what parts would i need to do this? Regards Woody
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    Scheppach HM2 Kombi Planer/thicknesser Table Saw????

    This is a new one to me http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Scheppach-HM2-Kom ... dZViewItem Is it normally for sale over here, or is it a import? I can see it being very handy for someone who is short of space in their workshop. I own a TS2500 which i know is excellent, and i have heard only good things...
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    WOODRAT £150

    Yes believe it or not someone was selling his Woodrat in this months copies of The Woodworker and Practical Woodworking for "£150" Did i buy it? Did i hell. I contacted the seller the minute i saw the advert and the phone was engaged. I tried again 30 seconds later and was told that he had...
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    "More Cheap" Bosch Mitre Saw Blades

    I don't know if anyone is intrested but Axminster http://www.axminster.co.uk/recno/29/pro ... 445603.htm has these 2 mitre saw blades on offer for £14.96. As they also come with a case to store them in, i think they could make excellent value. Cheers Woody
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    Norm's Hand Held Bobbin Sander

    Anyone see Norm and his handheld bobbin sander? It looked like is was manufactured by Porter Cable. How long have these been on the market? It looked a bit battered so it has to have been about for some time. I usually try to keep up to date with the power tool market but this one obviously got...
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    The Dreaded Woodworm

    I have about 3 cubic feet of American black walnut in my wood store, and while looking for a suitable piece for a job i have undertaken from SWMBO, i noticed 4 little round holes about the size a dart would make in one length, and 2 in another. I buy my timber in the sawn state and machine it...
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    Record Scroll 26 ScrollSaw

    A few years ago i fancied getting into scrollsawing and Intarsia as a hobby and so i bought a Record Power "Scroll 26" scrollsaw. The 3 models at the time were the Scroll 16, 20 and 26, the number being the length of the table. One thing led to another and it ended up standing in the corner...
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    Good Woodworking Tribute To Pete Martin

    As many of you will know Pete Martin the Deputy Editor of Good Woodworking died on 30 September, and I must say that in this months copy (168) the magazine has paid an excellent tribute to him: "He was the engine-room of the magazine, drove it...
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    Anti-Fatigue Mats

    I am looking for around 8 anti-fatigue mats but after searching google i am no nearer to buying any. There are so many different makes and price ranges that i am left with the feeling that the only way to go is to ask for recommendations. So have any of you got this type of matting? If so...
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    Clarke (Machine Mart) Table Saw

    I do not know if it will be of use to any of you, but i have a Clarke CTS10 table saw to give away, which except for the pxp is free of charge. Its the one that Machine Mart sell, or at least it is the older version of the one they now sell. As i am sure you know it is by no means in the same...
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    Lee Valley/Bessey K-Body Clamp Offer

    Lee Valley has a very good offer on Bessey K-Body clamps at the moment http://www.leevalley.com/wood/page.aspx ... 52618&cat= It just pi--es me off that we in the UK have to pay exorbitant prices for most things compared to a lot of other countries. Anyway back to my Lee Valley order. What is...
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    After running Spybot Search & Destroy, it found the following 2 spyware programs on my computer, which has got me worried: Windows Security Centre. Antivirus Disable Notify HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\SECURITYCENTRE\AntivirusDisableNotify=dowod:0 Windows Security Centre. Firewall...
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    Jet/Axminter JBM-5 Mortiser

    Does anyone know where i can get a manual/parts list for a Jet/Axminster JBM-5 mortiser?. I cannot find mine and i have had no luck on either Jets or Axminster website's. I only use it now and again, and when i went to lift it out of the cabinet yesterday it fell on its side and smashed the...
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    Vacuum Press/Compressor

    While looking around for a decent Vacuum Press i have been told that you can in fact use a compressor. Has anyone used one in this way? What vacuum press do other members use? I have been on the Bagpress website and their Mini Press seems ok. They do a upgraded bag which is 1250mm x 1250mm...
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    Veritas Cabinet Scraper & Jointer/Edger

    I am thinking about getting the Veritas Cabinet Scraper and their Jointer/Edger sharpening tool, and i was wondering if any of the members have tried or owned any of them? I have read Alf's excellent review on the scraper, and i am now looking for other views, especially on the jointer/edger...
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    Workshop Lighting

    I have been fitting my sons workshop out with a few things (dust extraction system, alarm etc) before he comes back from the US, and i have now got to the lighting. Any ideas? I have got strip lighting in my own shop but this was installed before i purchased it, so i need some advice on what...
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    My old compressor has gone to that junk yard in the sky, and so i need to buy a new one. The old one was 8 bar, direct drive, and had a 50 litre tank, but i now want to buy one that has a bit more power and can cope with any tool i connect to it. I want to use it for both woodworking and...
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    Search Query

    As i am a novice, it is probably something that i am doing wrong, but every time i try to use the search query to search for a topic, and i put the word/s in, it comes up with a number of posts. This is ok, but my problem starts after i have read the post, because after i go back to read the...
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    Moisture Meter

    My cheap old moisture meter has given up the ghost and so i need to get a new one. The trouble is after doing a lot of research i am still no nearer as to which type i should get.. First of all we have pin or pin less. I have read that the pin type is more accurate, but if this comes down to...