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    Where has all the sand gone?

    I want to lay 1 large paving slab as a step into an outbuilding so I went to Wickes for a small bag of cement and a small bag of sharp sand and they didn't have either so I went to B&Q they had cement but no sharp sand.
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    Resin filled table tops

    I have come across a guy on youtube who takes slabs of wood cut from the full length of tree trunks that have splits in them almost running the full length. He fill the splits with resin and makes table tops from them. They look amazing but my question is won't the wood move over time and crack...
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    Cap iron screwdriver

    I think that I am bored. Having purchased a set of Vaunt diamond stones from ITS I have sharpened all my chisels and have quite enjoyed the process and it's now time to move on to the planes I thought it would be nice to have a screwdriver that fitted the screws . I searched through what I call...
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    Tyzack tools

    I don't think I have ever seen this company ever mentioned on here before but I have to say that I wanted to buy an item that was available via a company that does get mentioned here but it was over £4 dearer plus postage I purchased it from Tyzack via their ebay shop and saved over £7 on an...
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    Wildlife camera.

    Just before lockdown my wife who seems to think she is responsible for all wildlife saw traces of us having hedgehogs in the garden and asked me to make a house. I made the house out of offcuts from under the bench as I guess we all have and although she was pleased with it (that is the main...
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    Stainless steel rulers.

    I have a stainless rule that is 600mm/24" it is metric on one face and inches on the other. It is 28.5mm wide and 1mm thick and I like the layout and would like to buy a 150mm/6", a 300mm/12" and a 1000mm/36" of the same style of layout, thickness and width so that I could use my ruler stop on...
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    0.5mm pencil leads.

    Last Christmas instead of having the family look at me on Christmas day as has happened in the past saying we never know what to buy you so you have got more socks and a box of sweets I asked them all to club together and buy me a set of 3 Incra T rules and a couple of Incra pencils . I have to...
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    Stanley No80 scraper plane blade.

    I have decided that the time has come to go through the tools I no longer use so that I can find the ones I do use. When going through a box of Surforms ( how many of them do you need?) I came across a Stanley No80 without a blade. I would like to bring this back into use can anybody advise...
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    Vintage Hobbies treadle scroll saws.

    Is there anybody left on scroll saw section of the forum that is interested in the old treadle saws from Hobbies?
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    Vintage bronze spoke shave body only

    I know that we have some old tool collectors on here and I have an old spokeshave body only no cap iron or blade that has been kicking around in my workshop for as long as i can remember that I would like to pass onto somebody who would appreicate it. I have done nothing to clean this up but it...
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    Planer blades Appleby Woodturnings

    I needed to buy new blades for my old Kity pt 535 and having searched around on the internet as you do I placed an order for only 1 pair from the above company. They arrived on time and were better quality than I had expected for the price. With my order they sent a copy of their catalogue and...
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    A question to DeWalt radial arm saw owners.

    I have a dw125 ras that I have owned from new and am very happy with. The only issue I have with it is that the rise and fall knob on the top has a lot of backlash in that if I for example raise the blade and then want to for example lower it by 1mm the knob goes 1/4 turn before the blade lowers...
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    From push bike to ebike

    I have a push bike that I would like to convert into an ebike . Does anyone have any experience of the conversion kits that are available.
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    Did anybody go to makers central?

    I was tempted to go but taking into account the entry fee, car parking costs and the cost to get there I decided not to. Did I miss something special?
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    Lidl today.

    Sabre saw and Swiss made blades. Glue gun and glue sticks. Fantastic value for money from personal experience.
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    Old Stanley Bridges drills and accessories.

    I have 2 old SB drills and many accessories that I used extensively about 35 years ago some of which belong to my late father. I know that l will never use them again but I can't bring myself to take them to the metal skip at the local tip. Is there any interest anywhere from collectors of...
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    The quote button.

    Since the upgrade and big improvement to the forum the only thing I can't seem to work out how to do is quote a post in order to reply to that specific post. I look at the forum on my phone if that makes a difference.
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    Time has come to unearth my scroll saw bench.

    It has been about 3 years since I have done anything with my scroll saws and today has been the day to unearth them from underneath a mountain of other tools and general items that get placed on any flat surface. My grandkids now seem to be more interested in something called pokeman, if any of...
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    One for the accountants on here..

    I have been ripped off by a company not for a large amount but an annoying amount a portion of this is supposed to be vat. I very much suspect that the company is not vat registered is there any way i can find out if the company is registered.
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    This thing sucks.

    For the past few years my dust extraction from hand held power tools has been via an earlex vac that i think cost about £20 and has done sterling service. Last week Lidl had an offer on their Parkside shop vac with built in power take off and variable speed control and i decided to buy one and...