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  1. Dominik Pierog

    Which machine have those blade clamps.

    Hello. I cant find available replacement for scheppach scroll saw. So I search others machine with this blade clamps type in EU
  2. Dominik Pierog

    Resin turning in nutshell

    Today I first time try resin turning.... I don't expect that.
  3. Dominik Pierog

    Resin turning... chips problem.

    Hello Last year I made some blanks for beads turning. But it failed horribly blanks leak resin. So today I cut one blank an find good part for turning. But urfonutanele another failture evrywhere is chiped resin. I use diamond shape.
  4. Dominik Pierog

    Where to buy Jo Sonja Iridescent set in Eu?

    Hello I search for Jo Sonja Iridescent set. I can find shops in UK but there is problem with shipping to Poland. There similar paint available in EU.
  5. Dominik Pierog

    (My)Painting small wood elements in tumbler. Games pieces, beads, toys parts etc.

    Explanation in subtitles. For small batches is possible to use small concrete mixer. But you need to make hatch. Yes I use small concrete mixer; also have bigger one for that.
  6. Dominik Pierog

    Pferd turning

  7. Dominik Pierog

    Junkyard find Proxxon DSH

    I work on this type of saw for like 6y and change it to Excalibur. 2 weeks ago i find Proxxon on junkyard for funny price. Someone must sell it for ridiculous funny price. Repair cost 80PLN (16£) missing clamps 75pln + shipping and pair of small bearings 5pln. 2,5h of work but seriously its...
  8. Dominik Pierog

    How to instal HTC 800 guide rails Multi-Fence System

    Hello. I start preparing to install this system. But cant figure how to connect guide rails to table saw. And tune up-everything. I have photocopy of manual but pictures are small and blurred.
  9. Dominik Pierog

    My father beads turning automaton.

    This machine is 3y younger than me. Its driven by cams.
  10. Dominik Pierog

    Where to buy blades?

    Hello. I try to buy my favorite Joseph Hauns Sprint Ultra type blades no 12. Find one on ebay but without 12 https://www.haunstetter-saegenfabrik.de/index.php?lng=en&id=1-13-2-3 Google show shops in Africa. I don't receive offers from Europe.
  11. Dominik Pierog

    Clock top sugestion

    I need suggestion for features of top part of clock. I need make it first because scroll saw capacity. I have different board now; without live edge.
  12. Dominik Pierog

    Tiger clock

    Made on Proxxon DSH/E Pattern > Free Scroll Saw Patterns :: Tigers clock -
  13. Dominik Pierog

    How to cut and store green wood.

    Hello. My family received lot of wood pieces from my uncle building company. They removed trees after storm. I have 0 experience in turning. So I don't know how to prepare fresh wood. I'm in process of restoring old lathe and buy equipment for turning.
  14. Dominik Pierog

    Alternative for tormek?

    Full system for lathe tools in some affordable price? Full set of tormek cost like nice lathe.
  15. Dominik Pierog

    Fox clock

    Fox with mini clock insert.
  16. Dominik Pierog

    NOVA TITAN III worth to buy?

    Hello I search big chuck for my lathe. Nova is biggest I found but strange light in weight 2,8kg; it's no mistake? Also diameter 127 mm its like nothing. There exist something better? I have old 3 and 4 jaw chuck(buy 314 PLN) but they weight like 10-15kg diameter 200mm. I could buy soft jaws...
  17. Dominik Pierog

    Don't throw away cut outs(cuttings?)

    Put back cut outs inside fretwork. Typical fretwork And artwork with glued black cut outs on the plywood.
  18. Dominik Pierog

    rainbow dash