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    air system to lightly blow away dust

    Thanks for your replies. I think I'll have to by a new router
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    air system to lightly blow away dust

    here are 2 I have made
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    air system to lightly blow away dust

    Hello everyone I have recently bought my 1st trim router at the age of 52, purposely to make free hand wood signs. I started with a Katsu trim router. Made a Perspex base with handles for better control and added LED lights by gluing to the collar for better vision. Now I have bought 2 old...
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    sawdust not moving when routing wood signs

    Hello everyone I have recently taken up a new hobby, routing wood signs. I bought a Katsu trim router and it is great but vision is poor when routing out the lettering on the signs. I have glued LED light to the base but still struggling with vision. I have been watching " FISHTANK5050 " on...
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    router bit help

    Hi all I am a complete novice with my new Katsu trim router. I have made my 1st wooden plague sign . I struggled with the bit size being a little large for small lettering. Could you help me with what size router bit I will need for small lettering and doing letter outlining. Thanks everyone Steve
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    Hello everyone

    I am completely new to working with wood and have just bought a Parkside bandsaw and a Katsu trim router. I am totaly hooked. I have made my 1st wooden sign, but struggled with vision while routing out the words. Could someone please point me in the right direction on where I can buy a cheap LED...