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    I bought a dog from the local blacksmith the other day. As soon as I got him home, he made a bolt for the door.
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    A Little Morning Practice

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    A Small Table

    Table design by Kevin Rodel based on an old Arts & Crafts period design. I think someone on that side of the pond should build one of these. Plans are available from Fine Woodworking.
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    Happy Holidays

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    Seenus Trouble

    Sven was sitting in the diner one Saturday morning drinking a cup of coffee when in walks his friend, Ole. Both of Ole's eyes were purple and yellow and nearly swollen shut. He looked pretty rough. Sven asked, "Ole, vhat happent to yew?" Ole replied, "Oh, I just got seenus trouble." "You mean...
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    Is minstralism a big problem in the UK?
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    The Canadian Finger Joint

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    I Can Do That!

    Amazing I meant the guy in the first row. :D
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    Ultra Light hits Ferris Wheel

    Did you see anything about this? Surprising that nobody was killed. They said one kid on the Ferris wheel was hit with some debris and slightly injured but he’s coming around.
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    SketchUp Startup?

    Does anyone see the welcome screen when they start up SketchUp? Have you started it yesterday or today?
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    Is It Alright To Toot One's Own Horn?

    Or maybe it's rude. If it isn't rude, toot
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    The Mule

    Dave and Jim saw an ad in the daily newspaper and bought a mule for $100. The farmer agreed to deliver the mule the next day. The next morning the farmer drove up and said, "Sorry, fellows, I have some bad news, the mule died last night.." Dave and Jim replied, "Well, then just give us our money...
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    Ken's Woodworking Project

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    Bent Plywood

    The other day I was poking around on one of the design blogs I like to follow and they showed a small stand made out of sheet metal. It is designed to hold a computer bag or similar. I thought it might be interesting to do something similar in wood and I was looking for a practice SketchUp...
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    Cardinal Points

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    Why 13 Amps?

    Why is it 13 Amps over there and not 15 like it would be over here? :wink:
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    Saving Versions of Your SU Models

    Yesterday I wrote a blog post that some of you might find useful.
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    It's been pretty quiet here. Is anyone into his style? Discuss.
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    Go For a Cruise

    in a few hours you can begin a virtual cruise up the coast of Norway. take a look at this: http://www.nrk.no/hurtigruten/ It is a most beautiful cruise. I wish I was able to go along for real again.
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    Thos. Moser's Edo