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    Scroll saw blades to cut inch thick hardwood

    Hi i need a blade to cut 1" thick oak where can i get some in uk
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    Kitty 1619 table saw

    Hi my friend has the above table saw that has very light use he has given up woodwork due to his age he has a kitty 1169 table saw with sliding carriage can anyone tell me what is it worth so he can sell it thanks for your help
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    Hardwood waney edge timber

    Hi I am closing my home workshop due to health reasons l have for sale some Walnut and some yew planks most are 4' long and around 6" wide all wany edge price from £5.00 to £10.00 per board this is collection only from Eastbourne East Sussex All the wood is nice and dry some planed some...
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    Electra beckham 316g

    Hi I have an Electra beckham 316g this is one of the last ones made after metabo brought out the company I have had this a few years now and it has served me well but I find I don't use it much now and I could use the space in the workshop it does have the odd marks but still a tidy machine...
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    Triton 1100 w planer thicknesser

    Hi does anyone know the size of the dust port is it 4"
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    Merry christmas

    Merry christmas to you all and thank you for all the advice and help throughout the year
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    Cordless drill

    Hi I am looking to buy a new cordless drill for my workshop there are so many drills out there, looking for 18- 20 volt and something with a long lasting battery's suggestions please and make and model thanks for your help
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    Verneer adhesive

    I was given a large bottle of tightbond verneer adhesive could I use this for glueing up some birdboxes or would it not be strong enough seems a waste not using it as I don't do veneering
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    Elu db 180 lathe

    Hi I have just brought a lathe from another member on here, does anyone have one of the elu DB180 I have no Manuel so if anyone has one a photo copy of it would be great I will pay postage , I would like a chuck to fit this but been told I need an insert can anyone point me in the right...
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    Bentley wood fair sussex

    Bentley wood fair this weekend fri sat &Sunday anyone going?
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    Sanding belts

    Hi i have a 4x6 sip belt and disc sander i have just used the last belt so went in the sip site could not belive the price £16 can anyone tell me a better place to buy from ?
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    Chord wood

    Hi i have been offerd some chord wood planks is it hard wood or soft wood i have never heard of it before what does it look like
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    Hi i have a delta thicknesser but it should have a 16 amp supply it works ok and is fine useing 16 amps supply but my shed only has a 13 amp supply so i would like one that runs off 13 amps any idea what ones will run on 13amp? i need at least an 8" or 10" looking for a second hand one or if...
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    Matika sander

    Hi i have a 150mm matika sander but the hook & loop material has had it so need to replace what do you call it is it a base plate and where can i buy one from looked on ebay but cant see anything
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    cleaning oak boards

    I have aquired some oak floor boards t& g but the back of the board is covered in some sort of glue/ sealent i have tried scraping it off but is rock hard any ideas for removing it i have tried sanding it with a corse grit on a angle grinder but just clogs up
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    electra beckham pk 200

    Hi i have a electra beckham table saw pk200 i was cross cutting some 2"oak and the saw stopped so restarted it and as soon as it touched the wood it stopped again it will run at full speed but stops as soon as contact with the blade looked in the manual under trouble shooting but it says...
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    axi scroll saws

    Seen 2 axi saws on gumtree london area 2 for £100 is that cheap from a school
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    gel varnish

    Hi does anyone know where to buy gel varnish
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    thank you

    A big thank you to one of our members Robin for giving me a car load of hardwood off cuts everything I make goes to charity
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    record power cx2000

    Hi all I brought this dust and chip extractor from record power for my home workshop it arrived and put it all together I brought this to use on my thicknesser as they said it was able to cope with waste from a thicknesser set it up on the thknesser and started the 2 machines thicknesser and...