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    Lots of Goody Lots

    Herefordshire even
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    Lets talk lawn mowers.

    If you are considering a Kubota or similar don't forget the Massey Ferguson 35 or 135 tractor and a 6ft topper. Many for sale, will be on top of the job and will appreciate in value.
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    Lets talk lawn mowers.

    Had a the smallest Hayter ride on for ten years on half acre before house move. Annual service no other problems. Would buy again
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    Aga or Rayburn free

    Only one oven so methinks not an aga.
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    Evergreen bushes uplift

    Suggest that they take the worst first.
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    Retirement options

    Have been retired for 30 years from job where I interacted with many professional people. Have had smallholding for 20 years, now amateur wood turning and gardening. Living with wife at home but find it essential, for the benefit of both of us, to have separate friends. Once a fortnight put on...
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    Draft proofing doors

    My workshop is in a conventional garage attached to the house. Access is via an internal door and the usual pair of doors at the front. The large doors are sound but are gappy and draughty. I'm thinking of a heavy curtain on the inside but don't know what material to use. Have a good pole for...
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    The Lock-Picking Lawyer

    Large council estate in Cambridge built just after WW11. Established that there were only 20 rear door key pattens for over 400 houses.
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    Van engine replacement

    Try quality vehicle breakers who should have information on engines from written off vehicles. Is the rest of the vehicle worth the expense? How many MOT's will it pass?
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    Best Bicycle lock

    Policed Cambridge in the 1960's for many years. Cycle theft was a major problem then and had been for long before my time. My advice now would be to have lock and chain for low value bike (used £200 or less) for shopping or commuting. High value bike - keep indoors or locked garage and don't...
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    Possible can of worms

    As a ham fisted amateur I find the Pro Edge invaluable.
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    Daft little job yesterday morning

    Impressed. What wood did you use?
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    Holly Tree

    Ensure that it is not subject to a TPO - tree preservation order. Need planning consent from local authority to cut back or fell.
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    Chicken Coop

    Try and fit a droppings board, under the perches, which can be pulled out for cleaning. Chickens make alot of muck and it's no fun trying to get under the perches to get it out.
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    Lawnmower engine oil change

    Important to run engine before oil change so that any impurities are in suspension. Don't get too hot as oil can burn.
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    Alluminium bi fold doors any recomendation for supply and fit

    Daughter took the cheap route in terms of quality and fitting. Were referred to as "the bi-polar doors" and gave nothing but trouble. Don't take the cheapest route.
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    Wood flooring refurb

    Thanks for the advice. Tried metal polish and T cut but was obvious that sanding was one of the answers. The other answer was a rug. She didn't want one but changed her mind when I offered to pay for it! Now sorted..
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    Cars and batteries

    Slightly off topic but I do move our cars every week. Just turn them round in the driveway. If cars stand for any length of time the tyres will develop a flat spot at the bottom. Leave in gear with the handbrake off to stop the break siezing. Leave reminder to self on seat.
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    Getting a Will witnessed

    A few years ago a friend was due to fly to USA with all his family, all of whom would be the only beneficiaries should he die. He was concerned that should they all be wiped out in a air crash his house and money would go to the state. Prior to leaving for the airport he telephoned his solicitor...
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    Wood flooring refurb

    Unfortunately yes