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  1. J

    Brass name plates

    Hi this has been discussed a few times over the years but I still can't find any info on this. I'm talking about the sort of little brass plate that you screw on your work with the company name and phone number on it. Any info appreciated regarding suppliers. Many Thanks John
  2. J

    Congrats to Chas

    Well done Chas Congratulations on your appointment to the Mods. A difficult job but much appreciated by me and I'm sure many others. John
  3. J

    Dragon Bandsaw blades

    Hi Just a quick question Are Dragon still in business as all the links to them seem dead and I cant seem to find them on E-bay. Thanks for the help John
  4. J

    Identifying Resawn Timber

    Hi All I've had a delivery of old hardwood window frames to reclaim. I have been resawing and squaring up the timber and I have four different species it seems. So I would like to try to identify them. So can anyone tell me what species was used for hardwood door frames and window frames in the...
  5. J

    Good Customer Service

    Hi All Just thought I would give you all a heads up on this company. Arc Euro Trade Ltd http://www.arceurotrade.co.uk/en-gb/front.html I got this site from this forum a good few months ago now for different machine handles and knobs. I ordered a couple of Indexable Handles from them on Monday...
  6. J

    Rutlands Sale

    Hi All Rutlands have an internet sale on until the 16 of October. Savings of up to about 60% on some things. I just saved 60 quid on router cutters. All the best John
  7. J

    Trend T11 or Unilift

    Hi everyone I'm just back from Toolfix in Peterborough where I have been looking at the Trend T11. I was very impressed with the raising system on this router. I'm just about to build a router table with the inclusion of the Unilift but after looking at the T11 I really can't see the point of...
  8. J

    Axminster Slip Clamps

    Hi All As any woodworker knows, you can never have too many clamps. With this in mind I bought a pair of these clamps a few months ago. From the moment I opened the box I was very impressed with them. The problem for me with most "F" type clamps is that the handle part never stays where you want...
  9. J

    Trend Airshield

    Hi Everyone I just thought I would let you know my thoughts and experience of the Trend Airshield. After many years of not bothering with anything as far as dust protection goes, my wife finally got on to me to get something for the dust. I had just recently started using hardwood and MDF and...
  10. J

    Identifying wood

    Hi everyone I've just bought a huge amount of turning blanks as I am just getting into turning to add to my problems. Now although most of them had names on them I've still got about 50 or so pieces that I just don't have a clue about. Although It's not that important to me to be able to name...
  11. J

    Duredge or Dure edge

    Hi Guys Please help me out with a phone number for duredge or dure edge. I've just looked through about 20 mags and can't find an advert anywhere for them, and as I believe they are the best I would really like to order from them. Thanks in advance John
  12. J

    500 Members

    500 Hundred members and still growing. Congrats to Charley and all the moderators on a very healthy, vibrant, and active web site. You must be doing something right. Best wishes to the site John
  13. J

    Axminster CT330 Thicknesser

    Axminster CT330 Thicknesser Hi All After sorting out the Planer the portable Thicknesser was the next for the treatment. Fortunately when I opened the box this was already assembled. It is pretty heavy at 34 kilo so forget about the portable part and think lugable. I had opted for the stand for...
  14. J

    Axminster CT150 Planer

    Hi everyone As mentioned in a previous post I said I was going to order some machinery which I have now done. I had said that I was thinking about ordering four machines. Axminster CT330 Thicknesser Axminster CT150 Planer Axminster SBW3501B Bandsaw Elektra Beckum TF100 Spindle Moulder In...
  15. J

    Tool Polls

    Charley Heavy Duty Bandsaws Poll You've got the Axminster SBW 4300 in there twice. Just thought you would like to know. Best of luck with the move John
  16. J

    New machinery

    Hi everyone I have been a DIY woodworker for a hundred years or so :D and now I have decided to start to get serious. I have been reading these forums for quite a few months and have learnt an unbelievable amount both directly and indirectly from all of you. So first of all I would like to...