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    Router bit advice

    Hi, I have been asked to produce wooden discs in varying sizes and thicknesses, I have a good jig but finding a good bit to cut these clean is difficult ant recommendations or advice would be great 👍
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    Mitre advice

    If you were going to buy a mitre jig, which one would you buy, I have tried to make my own twice now and I just cant get it so I'm putting my hands in my not so deep pockets, £150 maybe a bit more if the other half doesn't read this post
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    Hi everyone, I noticed when sharpening my plane that its going rusty only surface rust but I'm thinking it needs some sort of protion
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    Hi everyone, I have been told to use a sanding sealer prior to pouring resin into my routered lettering to stop any bleeding from the resin into the edges of the lettering, do any of you use such a thing if so what one do I need to buy ? TIA
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    Table saw blade

    Ok I know its a minefield out there when looking for replacement blades, I am looking for a good 210mm x 30 blade for my Dw 7485 table saw, I don't mind swapping blades for ripping and crosscutting if that's what it takes, or a very good all rounder, I'm looking for a good finish to the cuts...
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    Bit Fed Up

    I made a Mitre sled I followed it to the letter it certainly looks the part, I used it today and it was not good I expected it all to fit beautifully but alas it was out, I am very disappointed in myself, I suppose I need a reality check and buy something that works
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    For Sale Extraction hose (Brand New Unused)

    I have this for sale I will post it out and ill get a p&p price PU Clear Flexible ducting Hose, 63mm Dia. x 5m Long, for dust, Fume, Vapour and wood waste Extraction, Ventilation, I was thinking £30 +p&p pay by paypal friends and family to avoid their charges, message me if you want it Regards...
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    Advice Needed

    I am making my wife a keepsake box, i have never done anything like this so i am winging it a bit, it has a ply lid and that's where i need help, i don't just want a ply lid id like to make it a bit of a feacher, and advice on what i could do
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    Big Thank You

    I would like to say a big thank you to one of our fellow members Kenpez, he kindly made me a set of rings for my Rutland router plate,
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    Wood storage

    I have a small shop and storing wood is becoming a problem, can anyone suggest a way of storing wood outside, i am very limited for space outside of the shop i have used all the space, my lovely better half is adamant that i cant take any more of her garden space, help!
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    Infill Pattern

    I am making a keepsake box for my loving wife, i would like to put the words "I Love You More + 1" is there somewhere i can get a patterern from, or could i find a decent font and print it off and use that ?
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    Jigsaw blades

    Hi everyone, can anyone help with what blades to buy, primarily for wood Tia Peter
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    Cut off/scrap fever

    Hi What do you good people do with your cut offs/scrap? I have cut off fever I cant bring myself to throw it away I always think, I could use that, I might need that etc etc etc, its not only driving me nuts its filling up my rather small shop, do I need counselling/therapy or is there an ideal...
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    Sanding discs ?

    Hi I have noticed a lot of people that I have seen using the aforementioned are using what looks like either a material sanding disc or a cushioned one can anyone shed any light on this< what do you use on your random orbital sander
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    The Boss wants the boss gets

    Hi everyone, The boss has asked me to make her a keepsake box, I could just knock up a box stick some hinges on a clasp and be done, but I'd like to make a nice one, nothing over fancy my woodworking skills are not at a high level yet, however if I take my time I can turn out some descent stuff...
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    advice please

    Hi everyone, hoping you are all safe, i am looking for a decent set square i would like a wooden handle one traditional like, i have others so was looking for one about 6" or a pair
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    I've got the clamps!

    I have some F clamps that i have used a few times but they are already failing the little notches don't seem to be able to hold the clamp, i've binned three today, so can anyone recommend clamps please im just a working man so no silly priced stuff :LOL:, but i
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    Ryobi confusion

    I need to replace my combi drill its an aging Ryobi one but has served me well over the years and as i have several pieces now and with the ability to use the same batteries etc speaks for itself, but and there always is one, i have been looking at their percussion drills but my dilemma is what...
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    router bits

    Hi i have just received my router plate insert, can anyone suggest or recommend an appropriate decent template bit set for my 1/4"router please regards peter
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    sliding mitersaw confusion

    I have an evolution sliding saw, i have had it about a year, i know its not the best but it had and still has great reviews, however i have set it up as you would and everything is bang on, but when i cut anything with it its out? can anyone shed any light on what might be causing it and is...