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    Anyone used Ohishi and/or king 10k stones?

    Hi, Has anyone used the 10k variants of the Ohishi or king waterstones and could give me some feedback on their performance? Specifically the hardness of the stones, speed, and finish they leave on a blade? I currently use a shapton pro up to 8k then finish on a strop, but the shapton leaves a...
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    Are links to your own personal ebay auctions allowed?

    Hi, Just wanted clarification on the rules regarding ebay links and where to post them. Can I post a link to an item I am selling on ebay (personal, private sale, not commercial) in the market place? If yes, should it be posted in the "for sale" or "elsewhere" section? Many thanks, Asa
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    Sold Sharpening clearout - Shapton, Eze lap + other.

    Hi, New year workshop clear-out time means I have some surplus sharpening stones. All prices include 1st class signed for P+P, if you want next day delivery or anything then that would cost extra. First is a Shapton 12,000 grit ceramic waterstone. This has barely seen any use, I only got it...
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    Anyone with a mill want to earn some beer tokens?

    Mods - I believe this type of thread is ok as I'm looking for a favour, not a professional contract, but please let me know if it's not appropriate. Hi there! I want to make a blade for a block plane that I own from o1 steel to go along with the iron it currently has. I bought some o1 GFS in...
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    NT sanding plates.

    Hi, Has anyone used the NT sanding plates? I'm wondering if they are as good as they look, what sort of finish they leave on soft and hard wood, real-world grit equivalents etc. Can you go from the fine plate to a finish like shellac or are you going to have to finish off with a high grit...
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    Microcrystalline wax - not getting expected results.

    This is related to another thread on here but didn't want to highjack that one asking lots of questions. I'm using axminster's microcrystalline wax and trying to coat brass and steel and I just don't seem to be getting results. Fingerprints show instantly upon handling. I've used regular...
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    Brass and steel router plane.

    Here's a little router plane I've been making over the past week or so. It's brass and mild steel brazed together (big thanks to Phil Pascoe for the consumables for that) with a salvaged thumbscrew, and a small router plane blade from veritas. It measures 75x50x30mm. All the shaping was done...
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    Silver soldering brass and steel - Advice needed.

    Hi there! I'm making a small (stanley 271 size) router plane and would like some advice on how to connect the brass and steel together. The construction will be very simple, a mild steel base (50x70x5mm) and a brass block (13x25x75mm pre-shaping) drilled out with two holes, one for the blade...
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    Is are these scratches normal? (diamond plate)

    Hi, I recently bought a diamond plate which has developed a lot of scratches during the first few days of use. Some are quite large and visible, but there are many other smaller, less visible ones. Most of the plate seems to have "broken in" and is working nicely, I'm just worried that the stone...
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    Hand planing multiple components to same width.

    Hi there, I wasn't sure whether to put this in the hand tool forum or not so stuck in in "general"... I have a project where I need three components to all be exactly the same width (not thickness) and am wondering if anyone has any tips or techniques that would help me achieve this? Normally...
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    Faithfull Carving Gouges - hardening the steel?

    Hi, I've got a couple of carving gouges which are faithfull branded and the steel is very soft, almost like it wasn't hardened. A file easily cuts into and shapes the metal. Does anyone know if it's possible to harden the steel in these gouges? Thanks!
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    Saw recutting to 15tpi.

    Hi, Does anyone know of a company which will recut hand saw teeth to 15tpi or more? Last people that did a recut for me only went up to 13tpi and I need two saws redone to 15tpi (Well, one could do with being finer bit 15tpi would be fine). Anyone on the forums that might do it? I made a...
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    Prosharp long turnaround.

    Hi, wasn't sure which section of the forum to put this in but I thought buying advice would be the most appropriate. I sent off a tenon saw to Prosharp to have the teeth recut and sharpened on the 20th of April and still haven't had the saw back yet. I contacted them a couple of weeks ago...
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    Is this flat enough?

    Hi, I've been using a stanley #4 and a wooden jack plane to flatten my wood but I'm just wondering how flat is flat enough. I took a piece of oak that I had planed with my #4 and put a small piece of paper underneath the edge of my combination square's ruler. Apart from a 1cm wide strip along...
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    Re-storing decanted oil, and varnish lifespan.

    Just a couple of really quick questions! If I decant danish oil into a separate container for use, can I pour the excess back into the original bottle without any problems? & How long will a home-made wiping varnish (50/50 white spirit/poly or varnish) last in an airtight sealed jar? Thanks a...
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    Wood identification and a budget hard wood.

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can suggest a budget hard wood that is fairly easy to work for a beginner. I've only just got started with woodworking, and I've mainly been making gifts for my family - small boxes, candle holders and the like - but I've only been using pine and I'd really like to...
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    Flattening a plane sole.

    Hi, I recently bought a Faithfull No.4 hand plane, and I like it but checking the sole with a straight edge, it doesn't seem very flat (I don't have any feeler gauges so I don't know hoe much, but a lot of light is coming through). It is convex along the length of the sole, and convex across...
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    Finishing wax, beginner questions.

    Hi, This is my first post here, I just started getting into woodworking as hobby while I had the summer off uni, but I've really gotten into it and one of the things I'm really enjoying is trying out different finishes - its great to see the project uh... finished? Anyway, I 've applied some...