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    trying to find someone called...

    ...Frugal, from Dursley, Glos. I sold him an Inca Combi back in 2009. Can anybody help me contact him? I have unearthed a couple of accessories that I would ideally like to return to the machine in question as they seem quite rare now. I have a long box spanner for the sawblade nut, and a...
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    information for kity 629

    Hi, I recently acquired a kity 629 spindle moulder with sliding table, and all the accesories. Having looked at it more closely on delivery, i notice thre is a short slot in the top of the spindle. Should tooling be mounted with a special tab washer under the main bevelled holddown washer...
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    Axminster AWHBS450N Bandsaw

    I've searched all the posts for any info on this saw but didn't glean much extra info. For it's size, it seems rather cheaper than some others. Has anyone got first hand experience of it yet? cheers, ike
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    FOR SALE - INCA Combi machine

    My father has an INCA combi machine (badged "Startrite Mini"). Bought in the early '70's. Table saw with wobble washers, mortice attachment and planer with thicknesser attachment. 3/4 hp motor (from memory). He doesn't use it anymore. He'll happily part with it for a modest sum. Offers...
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    FOR SALE: CMT Router cutters

    I had a workshop sortout and have some CMT cutters surplus to my needs as follows. As you probably know CMT cutters are top quality micrograin carbide. 5-piece Kitchen set ref. set 800509 Used only twice for small furniture projects. Perfect condition £200. Small Multi-profile moulding...
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    Jet JSSG-10 Wetstone Sharpener Package Deal

    Yes I have one and it's OK etc but something about the way Axminster advertise niggles me sometimes. Apart from the tin of Honerite, this was the standard package you used to get for a LOT less ('bout £180 or so?). Slightly disingenous advertising I think. Oh, and what a pile of turgid...
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    Axminster offer - stonking deal on JET Grinder!

    Just receives this offer. I already have one. It's a great bit of kit. Some may say less so than the Scheppach. But at nearly half the price.... :wink: Ike
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    Clamps and guides - Axminster

    I want to get a clamp guide and am wondering whether tis better to get the Proguide or if the Perform is up to the job. Also whether the HD Proguide is worth it. Also, anyone used their own-brand edging clamps? Please - don't mention the word 'Bessey' ! - I don't have the budget. Does anyone...
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    insurance credit agreements

    Just hoping someone is in the business and can help. My son took out his own insurance last year for the first time. He paid monthly under a credit agreement. The insurance renewal date was 4/1/08 but he didn't get the details in time and didn't realise until 3 days ago. By not responding to...
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    Joining and fixing natural wood worktops

    I touched on this a while ago but as my kitchen is taking a very long time (lots of structural renovation), I wanted to ask again for any advice on fitting the worktop. I think I should anchor the worktop near the wall edge and use the slotted bracket at the front edge. Movement won't then...
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    Webshop security

    Can a website be secure if there is no padlock? Is there another way to check security. cheers, Ike
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    Cutting cornice

    Having a senior moment I think, but can someone tell me what angle(s) I set on the SCMS for cutting cornice for a 90° int/ext corner with it laid on its back? A setting of 31.25° sprang to mind but I'm not sure. thanks, ike
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    FOR SALE: Trend T5 router

    If you have not seen the other thread, I have found this router to be a bit underpowered for some hardwoods on the Leigh jig hence the speed dropping occasionally. It's absolutely fine on normal moulding and rebating jobs. Still a lovely little router and I was going to keep it but have...
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    A mid-rated router

    Ambling on from the T5 (router) thread, I am considering adding a mid-powered router to compliment the T5 and the M12V. Not a huge range to choose from but I have identified a couple of models - the DEwalt 621 and the Makita RP1110C which tick the right boxes. I just wondered if anyone has...
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    Advice wanted on new Ni-Cads

    My cordless drill died yesterday. The batteries were 6 years old and I think the charger cooked itself trying to charge a completely dead battery - so I can't complain. Anyway, I bought a new drill Hitachi DS14DVF3 (inc. 3 Ni-Cads). The dealer advised me to run a new NiCad completely flat...
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    jointing hardwood worktop

    I will be fitting a new kitchen for myself fairly soon. I am using solid walnut worktop. Should I stick to routing masons mitres with the jig or a simple straight butt? Also what does one use as a sealant for the joint? thanks for any advice. cheers, ike
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    bandsaw blade advice wanted

    If I want to slab hardwood logs up to 12" dia, is a 3tpi 3/4" skip tooth blade a good choice? I am mulling over the Aminster 4300 bandsaw and wanted to make sure I order suitable blades at the same time. I have a source of several years seasoned logs up to 3 feet long in Cedar of L, Tulip...
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    Veritas Stone pond: DEFINITELY SOLD NOW

    I feel let down by a forum member who says they want it. I'm perplexed though. I was willing to send the item up front and asked for an address - no reply. I asked again if they still wanted it and got a reply with attitude. Still no address, not even the courtesy to say 'sorry but I...
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    FOR SALE: Veritas Stone Pond ***SOLD***

    Now surplus. £25 including delivery. PM me if you want it. thanks, Ike
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    Advice wanted on choice of diamond stone

    I know the topic title is enough to make you groan "not again!". My question though is somewhat simpler. Reading the latest topic on it makes me think about simplfying my sharpening regime. Basically I started with an Icebear kit/stone pond setup. It's an effective if somewhat ponderous...