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    A garden building

    Anyone interested in another build thread? We've had quite a few. I'm getting a cedar clad shed built in my garden, quite big, some may be interested. Any interest?
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    An alternative collection

    Hi, I know we have a lot of plane collectors but I'm more of a car man, only started recently to look for these but it's a really big itch now. I'm hooked, they are all tri-angs from the 50's and 60's, I think the grey one is the oldest 1955 ish, a T50 meteor, then the red royal prince, which...
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    Someone is shooting at my workshop

    Someone is taking pot shots at my workshop, no damage yet but I keep finding bullets, when I catch who's doing it I'll go mental, should I get the police involved?
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    Makita belt sander and brushes

    In one of my sanders, I put a new set of brushes in and within 10 mins use they are burnt out again, what is wrong? Regards Bob
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    A bit more modern from bobby

    So at last we have finished this kitchen. Due to lockdowns, client having new build issues, supply problems the kitchen has taken 11 months!!! Finished today. The island is solid pippy oak cut from one slab each side to keep the grain flowing. 30 mm splines in drawer corners. Pippy oak end...
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    Tree felling and milling herts Essex.

    I have a mature, very tall straight oak tree which needs to come down. Council have agreed, as its conservation area I need permission. I’d like it milled, anyone got good contacts for this area?
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    Pandemic projects

    Thought I’d buy a Raleigh chopper as a project, wow they have gone through the roof. Same with all little resto projects. I have a little pedal car, thought I’d buy another, doubled in a year. Find me something on eBay to buy.
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    Laptop help

    My laptop keeps restarting. says I have a stopcode. Driver overran stack buffer. I have cleaned it, defraged, updated but it's still doing it. Any good free software out there which can sort it? running windows 10 on a laptop about 9months old, plenty of space and memory. Thanks in advance
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    Sharpening router cutters-- a review

    Hi, I recently received a router cutter from Phillip Sewell, asking me to try out one of his re sharpened cutters. I think Philip is interested to see how they compare to a commercial sharpener I use on a weekly basis. Firstly, I only usually get straight cutters or simple profiles sharpened...
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    New desk

    Hi, Looking for ideas for a home office desk, will be a decent size 2m x 1m. I want something modern, with a wow factor. Couple of things I've seen which float my boat Any ideas?
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    Belt sander

    Hi, I have 3 belt sanders. All makita's, 2x 9404 and 1 x 9403. One of the 9404's has bust beyond repair. The guys find the 9403 too heavy, so I'll just replace with another 9404. Unless you chaps think there is a better sander out there. No festool as they get abused too much.
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    Humerous posts

    Are these allowed anymore?
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    Latest Kitchen

    Hi, Managed to get this one finished pre Christmas. Tulipwood doors and frames. Oak veneer carcasses 45mm European Oak, island top, 2200 x 1600mm. Belgium blue granite 30mm
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    screwfix discount

    Hi, any codes for screwfix discount, looking to buy £500 item bit of discount would be nice.
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    Advise me on which Paslode nailer

    I'm due to do quite a bit of outside rough and ready work, field shelters, lots of featheredge board to fix. I want to buy a Paslode nailer, I'll be in a field with no power. Which one should I get, I also want to fire a range of nails, happy to spend whatever is the best option. Also do they...
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    different Island

    Work in progress, all 6 drawer fronts are out of a single slab of pippy oak, same on other side. splines instead of dovetails. 25mm oak top with 2mm stainless steel catering grade plate stuck to it, 2950 x 1400mm. The plinth will have matt black panels fixed to it, and the rest of the kitchen...
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    Strong colour

    This client was brave with colour, wasn't sure to start with but love it now it's fitted.
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    Importance of record keeping

    Hi, Just a little anecdote. Customer did a drawing on the back of a fag packet for an oak sideboard. We redrew with his measurements. All signed off and agreed, deposit paid. Collected today. 1hr later get a call telling me it's 200mm smaller than he asked for and he thinks we made an error in...
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    New laptop

    Bought a new laptop, 4hrs to set up everything ......................... I am a computer god. Previous record was 2 weeks with help. I had literally hung on for months with the old battle damaged warrior, taped together with T rex tape, case craked in a at least half a dozen places, cracked...
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    business rates valuation

    Hi, My business rates valuation is currently £15500. So I miss out on any relief or small business grant. I'm classed as warehouse and premises. The premises is made up of 2 units joined together by a large internal door (lets say unit 1 and unit 2). Unit 1 is twice the size of unit 2. unit 1 is...