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    Woodworking dangerous? Try gardening!

    At 6pm this evening I received a phone call from an old friend I've worked with for many years. He was air-lifted from Stornaway to Glasgow for surgery last week due to a gardening accident. He lost the tips of all 8 fingers cutting the grass. He foolishly (by his own admission) left his petrol...
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    Cutting threads on stainless bolts

    I use stainless cap bolts to secure power tools like my mitre saw, scroll saw and grinder to the bench and sometimes find that the bolts have a few mm of unthreaded shank projecting below the worktop which means I have to use several washers to fit the nut tightly. I have a cheap set of taps and...
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    Scroll saw:- Have I made the a good choice?

    I'm a novice and new to the scroll saw. I've just ordered a Record Power SS16V after being inspired by Claymore (Brian) and others. I had a limited budget and decided to buy new rather than chance possible disappointment. Have I made the right choice? Regards, Paul
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    Tree stump removal

    About 20 months ago I felled a 60 year old hawthorn at the bottom of my garden. The tree had silver leaf and was in poor condition and infecting other trees in my own garden and my neighbours. The stump, about 14x16" is my problem. I covered it with the base of a water butt after felling so...
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    Sliding plate on Record Power bandsaw

    I recently bought a Record Power BS300E as a retirement present for myself. I haven't owned one previously, but Alan Holtham's video convinced me that it was absolutely essential that I should increase my ability to make a ruinously expensive mess out of defenceless pieces of timber. There is a...