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    For Sale Axminster lathe

    Axminster Perform CCSL 5 speed wood lathe with bed extension and starter set of gouges. I’ve had this for years, bought it new but I’ve only used it twice and think it’s a fair bet I won’t be using it anytime soon. £250.00
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    For Sale Bosch L-Boxx

    I have four unused Bosch L-Boxes. Two of the small and two of the medium. They are a little dusty from being stored under the bench but have never left the workshop. £20 each or all four for £70
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    Sold DeWalt DW443 150mm ROS

    Another shelf queen, not used since I bought a Rotex and not worked hard before that. Plenty of grunt for fast stock removal but also with a ligh touch capable of pretty fine work also. £80.00
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    Sold Bosch GOF 900 Router

    Bosch GOF900 1/4” plunge router, very clean and lightly use, in original box complete with micro adjustable side fence. £70.00
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    Sold Osmo UV Oil

    Osmo UV Protection Oil 420 Satin. 2.5 litre tin, unopened. £40.00 plus postage at cost ALL SOLD
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    Sold Milwaukee M12 CCS44-602X Fuel Circular saw.

    This is the only tool that survived the theft of all my other Milwaukee tools a couple of years ago. At the time this happened I had to replace things that day so I could continue working, Milwaukee wasn’t available locally so I ended up investing in Bosch Blue to get me up and running again...
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    For Sale Leigh Super 18 Dovetail Jig and VRS.

    Leigh Super 18 Dovetail Jig and VRS. Bought this a few years ago and have never got around to using it, not even a test run. I’ve thought quite a few times I ought to let it go only to convince myself that I will Use it, only to put it away and not look at it again. So here it is, complete and...
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    Help please

    A family friend recently had their house broken in to and apart from the things that where stolen a cribbage board / box was damaged. The box in question was made by our friends grandfather around a hundred years ago so holds a deal of sentiment value. The damage is not catastrophic and would...
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    Leigh Super 18 Dovetail Jig

    Leigh Super 18 Metric Dovetail jig complete with Vacuum and Router Support (VRS). I bought this new about four years ago and it has sat unused ever since. It is complete with everything originally supplied including the eccentric guide bush, there is also a extra Trend Guide bush and Universal...
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    Osmo UV Protection Oil

    Thanks to a change of plan I find myself with ten 2.5l tins of Osmo UV Protection Oil 420 Satin, surplus to requirements. Designed and intended for external applications I have had success using it indoors as well. Seems to be on sale most places for just over sixty quid, I would like £39.00 per...
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    A shout out for Workshop Heaven

    I recently bought a Quangsheng Block Plane via the for sale board from Tom, aka El Barto and despite his extensive efforts to pack and protect the plane, he obviously hadn’t taken into account that the silly person postman at my end would decide it was a good idea to throw the parcel over a six foot...
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    Festool CMS GE 230v Basic Unit bought new and hardly used (maybe 3 or 4 times) Festool CMS -OF Router Module Bought new and hardly used (maybe 3 or 4 times) Festool CMS-TS 55R Track saw module bought second hand but again hardly used Collection from Northampton £975-00 Please note the...
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    Festool MFT3 For Sale

    Festool MFT3 For sale, bought new and hardly used, taking up valuable space so needs to go. includes six Veritas dogs, 2 unused Axi adjustable super dogs and Festool clamping kit. Collection from Northampton £625-00
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    Damaged compressor, help!

    I have a compressor purchased some time ago from one of the discount supermarkets, Aldi I think but can't remember for sure. It's a surprisingly good little unit for its cost and origin. Trouble is that it is obviously not the most robust thing and has suffered a couple of mishaps. Shortly after...
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    Festool Voucher wanted

    Does anyone have one of the £50 vouchers going begging? I'm about to order an OF1400 and would be very grateful to anyone who can't help. Many thanks Richard
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    Metal polishing

    Oh masters of the dark art of metal working. I have an Excalibur cabinet saw with which I am delighted but for one thing. The hand wheels are not very nice. Call me shallow but it is spoiling my enjoyment of my saw. One of the problems is the horrible plastic handles but I have found a source...
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    Stainless steel angle

    Boy am I now glad we have a metal working board!!! I need to build a shower seat to fit betwwen two walls and thought the best option would be a slatted iroko seat supported at each end on some stainless angle, I need 2 pieces of 3mm, 250 x 40 x 40, I have been quoted £50 inc polishing but...
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    Festool and Makita Guide rails

    Searched the forum and found an old thread on this subject. That answered the question of compatability between the two makes to the extent that the general concencus was, that the Makita saw will fit the Festool rail but nobody was certain that it would work the other way around due to the...
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    Workshop electrics

    I'm taking a second look at a workshop on Friday and I'm pretty sure it will do the job but I am unsure about the electrics. Currently power is connected through an old type cartridge fuse box. I would like to be sure that the system is capable of having additional lights and sockets fitted as...
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    Gas fire pilot light problems!

    Help! We have a gas fired solid fuel stove and the pilot light will not stay lit? I assumed it would be the thermocouple so ordered a new one and fitted it last night but alas still no worky. That really is the sum of my knowledge here any ideas from the gathered wisdom before I call in the...