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    Fusion 360 - interesting developments

    About a year ago I started playing around with the free Fusion 360 drafting program offered by Autodesk. I did wonder when I started how long 'free' might be. I've now found out that 'free' lasts about a year. I guess I'd got reasonably good using the program and quite enjoyed both using it and...
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    Historical Climate Studies Through Trees - Link

    I came across the article linked to below in The New York Times. It discusses the work of scientists who study trees for a historical record of the world's climate. There are links within the article to additional interesting stuff. I admit this whole 'tree thing' is something of special...
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    Book: The Intelligent Hand - a short review.

    Every woodworker approaches the subject with a point of view: simply to get things made, driven by an interest in the use of historical tools, as strictly hand tool woodworkers, as either a professional or an amateur, or motivated by design issues and problems to solve, and so on. Whatever sets...
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    Paramo quick release 51 vise for sale

    Price: £50 ono. A previous owner seems to have taken trouble to grind out and erase the name Paramo from inside the roundel in the casting at the front. I can't imagine a good reason to do so, but that seems to be the case. Anyway, it works well, just needs wooden chops added to the inside...
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    Judi Dench: My Passion for Trees on the Beeb

    I thought others might enjoy watching this programme which is being repeated on Boxing Day at 12:45 on BBC 1 (Dec 26, for any overseas visitors who aren't familiar with UK holidays surrounding the Christmas period). Unfortunately, I also suspect only UK based viewers will be able to watch it...
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    Oak Refectory Table

    Here's a recent build of an American oak refectory table with a pedestal leg. Dimensions are 2550 mm L X 1100 mm W X ~750 mm H. It's not my design and my role was to simply manufacture it on a freelance charged labour basis for a furniture business in their workshop, which is quite close to...
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    Timber Tech Book - a bit of horn tooting

    The subject of my forthcoming timber tech book popped up recently through a revival of this old thread by AndyT last August, and in November. Anyway, things are moving on apace at the publisher's end, so I thought I'd put up a link to recent blog posts to keep you abreast of developments, see...
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    Oak Tree: Nature's Greatest Survivor

    Here's a programme I found interesting, (I guess I'm a bit nerdy about trees and wood) which may also pique the interest of others. It's a repeat of a programme I seem to remember seeing a year or two back shown last night on BBC4. It's available on Catch Up TV for those with access to it...
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    Hall Table in American Cherry

    Recently off the production line is this small table, a gallery/exhibition piece. More images available here: http://www.richardjonesfurniture.com/Ta ... Table.html And there's a description of some of the production processes here: http://www.richardjonesfurniture.com/Ta ... -Make.html Slainte.
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    A new timber tech book. Would you buy it?

    This is to try and establish what interest there may be in the forum users here in buying a new book on timber technology. The story, briefly, is that in about 2005 I started creating illustrated texts on the subject with the idea that they could be used as learning aids for the students I...
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    Making a tambour

    Some weeks ago I posted images of a recently completed cabinet, see below. I've worked up a description of making the tambours for the cabinet at this link. If other visitors to this site have such a task to undertake themselves in the future perhaps some of the techniques and methods I used may...
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    Here's a new piece recently made. The main driver for this piece is external aesthetics: in other words its visual impact at first appearance. Functionality was essentiall a secondary consideration. From a design development point of view there's an exploration of some strong motifs, ie, the...
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    Tweed- a table

    A wee fun job I did recently is this side table. No WIP photos I'm afraid, but there's a few snaps of the end result here, and a bit of blether about using ferrous sulphate to make harewood, or to colour up oak is here. Slainte.
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    Estimating costs and charges

    I've been using a method of estimating furniture projects for many years now, well about three decades really as it's evolved from a simple basic structure to something more comprehensive, ie, it now describes more processes or tasks, and allows for newer methods of work, although CNC production...
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    A simple-ish table

    A recent project now creating brown stains on a concrete patio. Apart from the snap, more information here. Odds and sods of offcuts for the underframe and a bit of air dried oak purchased for the table top. All in all just over £100 for materials. Construction was a variety of M&Ts, draw-bored...
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    Recent student work

    Here is a link to some of the work of 2012 graduates at Leeds College of Art. They are graduates of the FD/ BA (Hons) in Furniture Making, the course I run. Seen at this link is probably about one third of all the work produced by students on the three levels of the course, ie, levels four, five...
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    Student Furniture on Show-- Leeds

    Graduates of the course I run at Leeds College of Art, ie, BA(Hons) Furniture Making and the FD in Furniture Making students have their end of year exhibition opening this weekend. All visitors to this forum are invited to come to the exhibition, review their work and talk to some of the...
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    Graduates' recent work

    In my role nowadays as the leader of a furniture making course at Leeds College of Art in GB I no longer find time to personally make as much furniture as I'd like to do. My role in the industry has moved on and I suppose it is akin to that of a furniture workshop manager, with a view to...
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    Leeds College of Art Graduate Exhibition open

    BA(Hons) and Foundation Degree in Furniture Making students, the course I run, are showing work at Leeds College of Art Graduation Exhibition if any forum users have the time and would like to see their work. Details of opening times and the exhibition location are below, as well as a link to...
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    Upcoming Exhibition in Yorkshire

    Northern Contemporary Furniture Makers are holding their annual exhibition. It opens in a few days as described in the images below. Anyone passing by is welcome to drop in. Slainte.