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    Up for grabs if anybody is interested

    DaveL was so quick of the mark my fingers had harldy left the keyboard ;) Cheers Signal
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    Up for grabs if anybody is interested

    HP Designjet 420C Plotter. Its a huge beast upto A1 I think, been so long since I last used it I cant remember. Its superb for plotting plans and cad drawings but unfortunately I just don't have the space for it anymore and its collecting dust. If anybody wants it and can collect from...
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    Just saying Hello.

    Captain pugwash Signal
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    Just saying Hello.

    hey silver, welcome aboard me harty oh no, I seemed to of sliped back into international speak like a pirate day again. Signal
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    Woodworking clothing...

    Ive got some of those paper overalls and slip on shoe condom things Pain in the bum to get it all on but it sure does keept SWMBO off my back for walking sawdust all throught the house. :roll: Signal
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    Radiator advice required

    A good tip I picked up for emergency plumbing, if you dont have a capping piece but have a compresion joint you can wack that on an a 5 pence piece seals the hole other end perfectly. Found this out when deocrating the bath room, had a loose floor board and while fixing I saw a length of cable...
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    Focus clamps - unsafe - reminder

    Espedair, Thems the kiddies and you right they do mark the work, I cut some discs of hardboard an stuck them over the original plastic jaws. Signal
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    Focus clamps - unsafe - reminder

    Twist the plungy bit, their essentially a modified mastic gun Signal
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    Focus clamps - unsafe - reminder

    Hey Roger, I have four of these, not from focus mind, been using them for 4 odd years now and never had a prob. Soz Signal
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    Vacuum Veneer Press

    Same problem here taffy, we bout one for our half bottles and it never even came out the box Might give it a whirl now though ;) Signal
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    London Underground

    Oh how glad I am I only have to do it once a fortnight now =P~ Signal
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    London Underground

    Do I take it form that statement that you occasionaly where ladies dresses then? LOL Signal
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    London Underground

    chris, LOL, the whole time this was happening i was thinking please please dont wake up cos if you do your gonna thump me and by the size of you im gonna be out cold to ;) Singal
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    London Underground

    A few years back I was on teh central line destination Holborn. It was blisteringly hot and there was a lady of um, larger proportions, standing in front of me. Unfortunatley she fainted, I managed to catch her but as she was some what larger than me she started to slip down through my arms...
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    Interesting article

    Umm, what was the date that the article was posted? Signal
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    Routing - How much in one pass?

    Uggh, good luck with the move did it last year and its horrendous isnt it. When cutting rebates my self i usually do it in 4 passes, 3 to cut the actual rebate and a final upcut pass to remove any furries or burning left behind. Signal PS, Gill is a chapette ;)
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    What a car

    Blimey Les, hope your ok mate. Signal
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    Plain and simple gloat

    ohh, just in time :) Happy nearly belated burfday Alf Take it youll be working off them eggs with the new tool? :wink: Signal
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    Wohoo, new timber supplier in the cambs area

    Been meaning to post this for a week or more now but I lost the clipping out of the paper. Huntingdon Timber Supplies has just opened in a 40,000sq ft undercover premises in the centre of huntingdon, blimey that must be nearly as big as charleys workshop :lol: They seem to be supplying a...
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    Where It's @

    Roger, the exclamation mark is also know as a bang by us wierdo programmers my fav is the good old octothorpe or the common a garder # Nice @ by the way, could do with one me self this summer to stop the old slap head getting burned, sorry momentary lapse of reason there :lol: Signal