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    trying to find someone called...

    Thanks SunnyBob, I have left a message on Folksy. regards, Ike
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    trying to find someone called...

    ...Frugal, from Dursley, Glos. I sold him an Inca Combi back in 2009. Can anybody help me contact him? I have unearthed a couple of accessories that I would ideally like to return to the machine in question as they seem quite rare now. I have a long box spanner for the sawblade nut, and a...
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    information for kity 629

    Hi, I recently acquired a kity 629 spindle moulder with sliding table, and all the accesories. Having looked at it more closely on delivery, i notice thre is a short slot in the top of the spindle. Should tooling be mounted with a special tab washer under the main bevelled holddown washer...
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    Best Router for a Router Table

    If it's the TR12, mine is from 1980 and still going strong.
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    Yet another Rutlands rant

    I once bought from Rutlands - never again. "In stock this week" was the answer given periodically for over two months. Meanwhile they helped themselves PDQ courtesy of my credit card. No company needs to do this, and an honest, well managed company wouldn't dream of it. The b*****ds still...
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    Tree surgeon - good price?

    £150 per man day is a competitive rate. Doubt they charge by the hour - probably half day min for smaller jobs.
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    looking for a digital camera

    Panasonic have really got their s**t together with the compact Lumix range. Worth a look IMO.
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    Google Streetview

    Paranoia is still very much alive and kicking! I have found it fascinating, in part marvelling at what technology can create compared to a few short years ago. One useful aspect I think, is being able to see (or not) a business or somewhere where you may be buying unseen, or maybe have to...
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    Bust up coming

    Relying on an empty account to prevent DD payment won't help you unfortunately, as you will then incur bank charges! And you won't be able to close your account unless the balance is settled first! DD is a very good system, but always check the small print with a service provider and avoid CPA...
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    Bust up coming

    It is absolutely the case you can stop a direct debit by cancelling the instruction, and the other party will not be able to take money. However, even if you do it online (which is the easiest and simplest way) it must be at least 4 days before the DD is due to be taken. But beware, if in the...
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    Leyandii & Neighbours

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    quiet washing machines

    I haven't found Soda Crystals to be very effective. An empty 'boil' wash with a normal amount of detergent however, seems to work well.
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    quiet washing machines

    Andy, Good luck with that and if you decide on ISE, please spread the word. Anything that is a poke in the crutch of the likes of DSG et al, is a good thing. They seem to employ mainly spotty know-nothing oiks who don't give a tinkers cuss what you buy except preferably with an extended...
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    quiet washing machines

    Andy, ASKO don't sell in the UK. They stopped about 10 years ago. ISE (Independent Service Engineers) with their inside knowledge saw the business opportunity to re-introduce a high quality product so specified their own version of ASKO's machine for their top-of-the-range model. I'd be...
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    quiet washing machines

    I have an LG DD machine - 5 years old. It hardly ever balances properly on spin (1400). It is very quiet. It has developed a hot electrical smell. I took it apart and it is a transformer on the PCB that gets hot. It's OK on less than a full load but that rather defeats the object of a 7kg...
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    By necessity I've been driving my '57 Landrover this week. I had to stop today before turning off the main road in order to engage low range. What happens - some f***ing twit behind me starts blasting their horn! Complete w***ker mentality. Driving an old and unfortunately slow vehicle like...
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    'fraid so. Roads are for everyone's use - equally. That's why they are called public roads. You don't like it - just overtake in a safe manner, and quit whinging!
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    Jet Air Filter

    I reckon that looks perfect where it is. :wink: Tip: I use the vacuum cleaner on the outer filter when it looks a bit claggy.
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    Axminster AWHBS450N Bandsaw

    t'would be nice to know how that feels... :) I'm not entirely convinced that some bandsaws are quite up to what the spec. suggests. For instance, one of my main reasons for wanting a big bandsaw is to resaw timber for bookmatching thin sections/veneers. This type of work pushes a machine...
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    Axminster AWHBS450N Bandsaw

    Yeah, I'm kind of suspicious of it for that reason Rob, but whether it's still a strong, capable machine for home use - that's what I'd like to know. I nearly went for the 4300 last year when they were on special, but stepped back from the brink.