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    Rewiring a 3 phase motor to Delta

    Hi all, I recently got a three phase motor with a machine that is 950RPM (uncommon) but unfortunately it is only wired for 380/440v. I am looking to rewire it so that I can use a VFD @ ~240v. Would anybody be able to offer advice/guidance on where to look for the star point from a photo of...
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    I made an oil drum barbecue

    I bought a welder a few years ago but never got the chance/time to use it apart from making one machine trolley, basically just 4 pieces of metal welded together. I finally got around to make the BBQ I always wanted. Full album: http://imgur.com/a/PUvAJ From To The full album...
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    Railway sleeper mirror frame

    I made a mirror frame out of reclaimed sleepers. From this To this You can see the full album and my dodgy methods here. http://imgur.com/a/aTIvn
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    Railway sleeper table/unit photos

    This is my second woodwork project and I used Jarrah railway sleepers, it is in my study as a table/storage for books and crates etc. The original plan was to use it as a tv cabinet but I didn't like the open sides with cables visible from the AV equipment so it went into my study instead. I...
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    Awesome joint

    That's one way to make a joint https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1pvUlQgYtk
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    Meddigns pillar drill M4 Mk2

    Hi I have recently acquired a Meddings M4 mk2 drill but the return spring is broken. I contacted Meddings and they can still supply the spring but it comes to over £40 delivered. Does anybody know the length of the spring because I have found some cheap springs on amazon (...
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    Got a old circular saw blade lying around?

    Awesome project using a old blade https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-6FPtX ... ture=share
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    Table saw help

    Hi I have acquired a "new" saw for myself last week for what I think was a good deal. It is a Startrite Ta 1250 model. It's got a max depth of cut of 100mm which helps me out cutting railway sleepers. I have managed to find a manual online but I am looking for a bit more info as there is a few...
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    Cutting Jarrah railway sleepers into planks

    Hi I have been making some furniture out of reclaimed Jarrah railway sleepers. I am having major dramas to cut the wood into boards. The width I would like to cut is between 230mm and 250mm. The fist board I cut I used a chainsaw freehand and normal chain. Although it did work the result was...
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    Railway sleeper side table

    Hi I am new to woodworking and I am just doing it as a hobby. I made this table mainly because I couldn't get exactly what I wanted in the UK. This is my first project and I am very happy with the result. It is made from Australian Jarrah reclaimed railway sleeper.
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    Railway sleeper finish

    I am considering a railway sleeper furniture project. I am looking for a dark rough finish on the sleepers. I have done some research and it the only two types of sleeper you can easily get in the UK that does not have any creosote or other nasty treatment done to them are Jarrah and Azobe...