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    My mate Billy

    Sorry for your loss Phil. We lost this little girl last August. She was a rescue dog. I'd have another boxer any day. Paul
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    Wall Clock With Laser Engraving

    I showed this to my daughter who owns a horse and she would be absolutely delighted to receive a present like it! Very nice work. Paul
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    Your Cars

    My current model is a Porsche Boxster S which I've had for 10 years and still only 60 K on the clock. Frighteningly fast and a dream to handle. My second car which I owned aged 20 was a Lotus Elan S4 and amazingly still on the road (has doctor bob got it?)
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    Wanted Sorted now thanks to all ....Single Phase Bandsaw

    Hi Robert, I have a 2 year old Record BS300 with wheel kit. I bought it for a large project but since then have used it very infrequently and I'd like to free up some space in the garage. I can manage with my track saw and circular saw. I'm in Grimsby. PM me if you're interested. Paul
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    Recommended fixing suppliers: Nuts and bolts.

    I've usually found what I need at Bolt World on the bay.
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    The Wheel of Time at Last Begins to Turn

    Brilliant news, carpe diem!
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    The only time I've seen anything similar was on Grimsby fish docks. I believe it was used for cutting up large fish like halibut into steaks.
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    lignum carver's mallets.

    This post reminds me of a time 50 years ago when I was a cadet with BP Tankers. On one ship the chief engineer was a Geordy with the magnificent name of Kenneth Muckles Mackie. He was one of only 3 people who could still make Northumbrian bagpipes. He drove the chief officer incandescent with...
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    Up and over garage door replacement?

    I went for an aluminium electric roller door both for ease of use and space saving reasons. It eliminates the repeat painting and doesn't need planning permission.
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    Electronic gate openers.

    Why do people have these gates at all? Unless they are to keep a dog from straying onto the road they rarely serve any useful purpose. They certainly don't deter burglars, they are an expensive gadget and status symbol. Rant over. Going to lie down in a dark room. :evil: :D
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    Barn to Workshop Conversion

    Seething with envy! :twisted: Best of luck with the conversion, I can only dream of such a space. Paul
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    Evolution 255

    Hi Mark, I have the Rage 3 which is essentially the same machine. Unfortunately I have to agree with Roger that it's not that accurate (possibly because of the plastic locking lug) but at my skill level it seemed good value. I use a 10" Saxton 80 tooth blade for most work and the cut quality is...
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    Do you reuse paint brushes and rollers?

    If I intend to continue the next day I wrap the roller in cling film when using emulsion paint and bin it when the job's finished.
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    Finally got my bandsaw working properly!

    I can see this thread striking a chord with many hobbyists. After almost 2 years of using a bandsaw I still occasionally flatten the set on the blade for various reasons. Don't despair- you are not alone. :D l'
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    What are you really bad at?

    I'm 110% shur I'm bad at mafs - but I'm grate at spelin.
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    What are you really bad at?

    I was a bit perplexed by the question so I asked the wife. After 3 seconds of deep analysis she gave me a comprehensive answer based on 40 years experience:- "Everything except putting out the bins and making lame excuses." #-o
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    Drill bits for concrete.

    A couple of years ago I bought a tungsten carbide tipped Proteco masonry bit to drill through 100mm concrete. I believe they're available as SDS and standard versions. I would recommend them. Paul
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    Buying my first scroll saw

    I picked up a RP Ss16V for £100 a few months ago so it's worth looking around for a better price. As for the machine it performs well for the price and like yourself I bought it to try my hand at scrolling. The variable speed is worth having and it came with a 5 year guarantee. Paul
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    Pens, pencils and pain.

    Try putting the pencil in the freezer for half an hour and heat the clip. I've no idea if this will be successful but it might work. Paul