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    1/ 4" trimmer router question

    Hi ive never used a router before and really could use one to cut some rebates for some garage shelves im making. My rebates need to be 20mm deep and about 25mm wide (rebating some scrap 4x2). I really dont want to buy a big 1/2" plunge router as it will likely not get used that much, so im...
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    Diamond sharpening stone and honing guide

    Hi long time lurker here and I have a question if anyone can advise that would be great. Can anyone recommend me a diamond sharpening stone (or stones) and a honing guide. I have a few chisels, a No.5 stanley plane, and a block plane that I need to sharpen. I use the tools on occasion and have...
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    Angle grinder stand to make radial arm (horizontal) cuts

    Hi all, anyone know of a stand, or any other device, in which i can put my 4.5" angle grinder in to make a radial arm (horizontal) saw, or a device that can be used to make a table saw. Im making alot of cuts on stone pavers (I realise this is a metal working forum but its similar) and need to...
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    Bench grinder reccomendation

    Hi, hope this is in the correct forum. Im looking for a bench grinder that has a decent adjustable tool rest, like the one found here http://www.craftsman.com/craftsman-util ... ockType=G4 It looks as though UK bench grinders all have flimsy tool rests (like the one on my current grinder) that...
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    First attempt at hydrolysis rust removal

    Hi, today i set up a small hydrolysis tank to remove some rust from an old iron fire grate. So far it is definitely removing the rust as the water has lots of brown/green matter in it, the grate is bubbling away and looks good, im well pleased. However there is something i cannot get my head...
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    Spay painting for a begginer

    Hi hope someone can help. After all the time tinkering with old tat and making things ive realised I could save alot of money and effort if i invested in a spray set up ! The things i paint would be no bigger than a lawnmower, in fact i currently have a lawnmower that needs painting;, so only...
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    Record Power bench drills ?

    Hi, ive been looking at the Record Power DP16B bench drill; anyone have one of these and can recommend it. ? Its green painted, not sure if its a cheapo chinese clone or not. Im going after this one because of the compact size, otherwise would have bought a s/h fobco ect. Thanks
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    Need an old small bench drill

    Hi, hope someone can help. Im looking out for an old quality bench drill, a fobco, meddings, startrite ect. Problem is that, due to space in the shed, i need one thats a bit smaller than the average depth (from front to back) of about 22". Anyone know if these golden oldie bench drill makers...
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    Clarke bench drill, is spindle nut reverse thread

    Hi all, great forum and hope someone can help Ive got this old clarke bench drill and need to remove the spindle nut which is located (at the top of the machine) in the hollow of one of the pulley wheels. I have finally found the right size socket (which is a 32mm, had to grind the sides down...
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    Clarke Industial Heavy duty Bench drills any good ?

    Hi all, this is my first post so hope someone can help. I am considering buying a used Clarke bench drill; Im not sure of the model number but know its from the "Industrial, Heavy duty" range and has a light on it, it is belt drive but not sure how many speeds. Im aware that the Clarke bench...