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    Lots of Goody Lots

    Ooh yes, lots of bits on there for people like us, boxes of moulding planes wooden toolboxes Stanley planes smaller/usable woodworking equipment plus Wadkin etc it’s being sold from Ledbury in Hertfordshire, suggest you start looking from the far end backwards. Ian Even a treadle lathe!
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    Am I the only person depressed by the number of comments with gender or racial stereotypes in them?

    Not disagreeing with you, just mention that people of my grandparents generation, Born at the end of the 1800s certainly didn’t stop and think about the feelings of the people they were talking to, I think if you went back to those times you would be shocked, people said what they thought...
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    Top Gear near death

    Dull and inaccessible are not words I would use to describe this, don’t get me started.
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    What thickness cladding should I use?

    If you want to fit and forget and never have a problem for years, have a look at Hardie planks same material as Hardie backer boards for wet rooms and tiling. Ian
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    Nova Viking Drillpress - any experiences?

    Whilst not being a total dinosaur I have experienced a enough of life to believe my comments to be fair, take for example my big dust extractor press the button it starts, press the other one and it stops. My fine particle extractor has three speeds and you can set it to run for different...
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    What thickness cladding should I use?

    Bennetts timber in Grimsby are usually very competitive and helpful and they deliver. Ian
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    Does a shelf have…

    Well now you’re contradicting yourself, if you have a look at your last two posts you didn’t mention length. I think the most important thing is that nobody gets confused and if you look at my post (number two )there is no ambiguity.
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    Redecorating and radiators

    I’m sorry I can’t remember the details, my son was showing me a new sort of valve fitted to his radiators so that you don’t need to drain them down to remove them, might be worth having them fitted when you get the plumber to remove them this time. Ian
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    Filtering heating oil/Paraffin.

    What about an oil filter from a car or a truck, if it’s really bad put it through a mesh filter first. Ian
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    Oil for P/T gearbox

    https://lincol-oil.co.uk/ This is a company I have dealt with once but a few years ago, they have a good reputation and supply lubricants to all sorts of industries. I’m sure they’ll be able to help you. Ian
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    Does a shelf have…

    Width and depth? It doesn’t work with beds, width maybe but depth? People will think you’re talking about how soft it is. You only ever refer to a bed as how long it is.
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    Nova Viking Drillpress - any experiences?

    My instinct is that it will be fine while it all works, as soon as the electronics start going wrong it will be a nightmare, I hope I’m wrong and that it’s a wonderful machine – just seems to have a lot relying on electronics . Not sure I would like the depth stop which works by turning the...
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    Tambour cabinet

    I don’t want to be thought of as P..... in the soup, but have you considered how much force you’re going to need to push 1000 mm of wood around a groove like that? I’m glad it’s not 1600 or I think you would’ve really had a problem. Ian
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    Tool identification.

    I was in a guys workshop the other day, he makes doors and windows, some of them on an industrial scale and there were at least a dozen huge long sash cramps like this hung up on his wall so yes they are available and they are in use. And just in case anybody hasn’t twigged, you can’t do it...
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    Turning Garden Ornaments in to Working Tools

    Personally, I wouldn’t paint them at all just a rub with an oily rag, they look great as they are now.
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    Does a shelf have…

    I would suggest length and depth, as in how long is that shelf, can only apply to one of its dimensions and how deep is that shelf again can only apply to one dimension. And I would hope that how thick is that shelf is self-explanatory. Ian
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    Ivermectin - Cheap and Probably Effective

    Absolutely fascinating, worth reading all the comments at the end as well, my fears are not just my own by the look of things.
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    Pva for Iron on veneering

    Well I’m with you there Doug, it’s obviously I don’t know anything about veneeing either. So there you have it woodedtop, you’ve taught an old dogs a new trick today, thank you very much. Ian In answer to your other question I’m not sure that’s the right sort of PVA it’s not so much a wood...
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    Pva for Iron on veneering

    Well I stand corrected! I shall be very interested to see how this works, so come on let’s have an expert please. As I have a three dimensional sculpture in mind. Ian
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    Tool chest and tool Tote

    Welcome Gaza, you’ve got some very nice bits and bobs there! I know what you mean about a tool tote or toolrack as I call it, that’s how I have all my woodwork tools for regular use, so easy just to bring it in and out of its secure storage each day. Ian