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    does anyone have any 12 mm mahogany scraps to sell ?

    wondering if anyone wants to sell me some scraps the 12mm dimension is the only one that needs to be accurate. looking for 12 mm - 1/2" small pieces of Mahogany for doll house detail 3 pieces 200 mm x 400 mm x 12 m 2 other pieces around the same size 1 piece 200 mm x 200 mm x 19 mm to cut...
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    is there anything like mcmastercarr.com in the UK ?

    mcmastercarr.com is an American website that has hundreds of thousands of tools and parts - things ship UPS within hours after ordering. thanks be well - Jack
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    Table Saw Advice - Scheppach TS2010 - Anyone Know this saw ?

    Hello I am looking for a table saw for my new small shop in Hacney Wick in East London. I like the idea of the Festool Precisio, though they are very expensive. I wish the JET ProShop was available in the UK. I like the idea of a big solid table saw, but the space is small enough that the saw...
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    Baltic Birch Plywood - London - Any suggestions ?

    Hello. I use baltic birch plywood a lot. Have just started working in London. I have had one source for Baltic Birch plywood that get the wood and do a good job with cuts, but it is not something they stock. Does anyone know of a merchant in North or East London that stocks baltic birch, will...