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    Jet DC850 1HP dust extractor

    Jet DC850 1HP dust extractor, good working condition, only light DIY use. Includes original dust bag in good condition, no damage. Perfect for single-machine use, 4 inch port. £115 Collection from Copthorne RH10 3XF (near Gatwick)
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    Nice fence,

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/85 ... n=1e698aaf I'd quite like one of these!
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    Making an external door from MDF

    Hi all, this may well be a bad idea, which is why I wanted to float it here first. I'd like to replace my UPVC front door with a new one. I've looked at composite doors, but it's looking like nigh on a grand to replace the door, frame and side window panel. As an alternative, I'm considering...
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    Mirka pad saver 125mm 44H 5 pk SOLD

    Bought these by mistake, so they're brand new and unused. Mirka pad saver 125mm 44H 5 pk I'm looking for £18.50 delivered, bank or PayPal gift. Cheers
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    Tormek and jigs

    Hi all, seriously considering pulling the trigger on: Tormek T4 Square edge jig Planer blade jig My justification is: I'm using hand tools more and more, and really enjoying improving my skills, but I can't stand sharpening. To me, it's just a chore that gets in the way of the enjoyable bit -...
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    Another birch ply topic

    I get BB grade 18mm birch ply from Alsford Timber in West Sussex for about £75 a sheet (Inc vat) , which seems quite pricey to me. Does anyone know of a cheaper alternative supplier in this area? Or alternatively, a place where I could get B/BB for a comparative price? Or is my current supplier...
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    Prototype workbench build - WIP

    So finally I'm getting round to building my first workbench. I've decided to prototype it first, as I really don't know what sort of workbench I need or what configuration will work for me best. I also want to build one from decent wood in the future, so I'd rather build a prototype from cheap...
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    Keyless chuck problems

    I've just purchased the 16mm keyless chuck 700405 and a B16 2MT arbor 700408 from axminster. Unless I'm being very stupid, the arbor doesn't fit in the chuck. Both the chuck and the arbor have B16 written on them, but the arbor won't sink below the shoulder line. Please could someone advise...
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    Trend Air Stealth dust mask review

    Hi guys, thought some of you may be interested in a quick review of the new Trend Air Stealth dust mask http://www.trend-uk.com/en/US/productli ... ealth.html I run pretty hot, so I suffer a lot from steamy glasses! I'm a big proponent of wearing unobtrusive and comfortable PPE - my theory is...
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    FTAGH 32mm vac hose clips

    I have 5 hose clips to fit a 32mm hose for anyone who's interested. They allow you to run a power cable along the hose for those with festool tools or if you've done your own single power cable system. Similar to the image below, but in a rather fetching festool green color and with only one...
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    FTAGH sanding belts 100 x 915mm

    Free to anyone who wants (and who pays postage!) 4 x 80 grit Sanding belts 100mm x 915mm They fit the belt sander from the various 9" belt sander 6" disc sander combos.
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    This is how CNC should be done

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/21 ... =home_potd What a brilliant idea - gives you the power of CNC without the footprint of a massive table & gantry system
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    Building a large Thien baffle - Dust collection

    As part of my workshop refurb, I needed to build a new Thien baffle. I'm installing 125mm ducting, and my 100mm Thien baffle would just choke the airflow too much. In addition, the container I was using was too small in terms of diameter - you really need a large diameter container in order to...
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    63mm dust extraction from a chip extractor

    Hi all, it's anyone having success running 63mm extraction ducting from a larger system? I have 125mm ducting coming from a 2hp extractor for my larger machines, but it's like to plumb in my smaller machines (disc sander etc) via 63mm ducting. I'm concerned that if I step down from 125mm to...
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    Dust extraction Y splitters

    Hi all, I'm installing some ducting soon and am looking for some advice. I'm looking for some Y splitters, but I can only seem to find either T junctions or equal Y splitters (where the 3 branches are at 120 degree angles to each other). I'm looking for ones that run straight through (A to B)...
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    Dust extraction idea

    My current dust extraction setup looks like this: It consists of a 2hp extractor sitting on top of a thien baffle. It works just fine, however it's only connected to the tablesaw, so it's not under much pressure. I'm looking to plumb in proper piping and have it connected to multiple...
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    Bosch GCM 12 GDL owners

    Hi gents, I know a couple of you at least have the lovely Bosch GCM 12 GDL saw, and wonder if you could help me with a quick question please? I couldn't find the answer anywhere: If you place the saw against a wall, what's the total distance from the wall to the front edge of the fence? I'm...
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    Ebay link clarity

    Hi there, please can we get some clarity around the whole ebay link situation? Rule 8.6 states: ( 8.6 ) - Auction Site Links. Members sometimes feel that posting random links to eBay or similar sites may be of benefit to other members looking for a \"bargain\". It is not in the interests of...
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    NAS advice

    Hi guys - I know we have a few techies here, so I'm hoping I may be able to get some advice about upgrading my NAS. Currently, I have a QNAP TS210 2 bay NAS. It's pretty old (almost 10 years), plus its limited on storage (2TB). In terms of what I'm looking for: - high storage: - 6 - 8 TB...
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    How do you like those pockethole 'accents'?

    Made me chuckle when this popped up on my Facebook feed...