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    Another one for Skyrim fans...

    Cobbled together from a set of CAD drawings - https://grabcad.com/library/flying-dragon-wooden-toy-1 p.s. Don't tell anyone, but I just killed Paarthurnax. :-(
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    Apparently, I'm NOT allowed to have one of these over every door in the house. :( :(
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    B&Q Recall on Remote Control Sockets - Don't risk a fire

    I know some people use these type of things... http://www.diy.com/customer-support/pro ... uct-recall IMPORTANT! B&Q has identified a potential fire risk with the REMOTE CONTROL ON/OFF SETS below which have shown excessive heat build-up in the plug of some units. We have taken the...
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    Mistake of the week...

    After laminating a lovely oak-beech-oak blank and spending ages carefully cutting it on the bandsaw this morning, I realise the template was reversed. I'm now the proud owner of a very nice left-handed banjo neck blank....
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    Wooden Air (Vacuum) Engine

    I've watched several YouTube videos about these engine. Most notably, the ones by Matthias Wandel and Bruce Yeany Several screenshots later and I almost had an idea WTF I needed to do to make it work. No plywood in this one, all recycled hardwoods - Oak, Walnut and some unknown wood...
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    A couple of 'I was bored' items.

    No idea what wood it is, treewoodii tropicalis, I expect. Nicked the pattern from something I saw on Etsy. #Good tip: the veining cuts didn't show up very well so I followed them after with a spiral blade to open them out a bit. Much more controllable when you already have a cut for...
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    Why Is My Scroll Saw Rattling?

    My beloved Delta 40-540 recently developed a nasty rattle. I will post a pic of the worn & new parts just to extol the virtues of regular lubrication. :-D This is one end of the rear-link between the top & bottom arms, the other end of the link was worn the same. In all, it was probably...
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    Nestlé Finishing Technique

    Just eaten a Nestle chocolate penguin with Smarties inside. The ingredients list Carnauba Wax and Beeswax as 'glaze' ingredients. Crikey. :shock:
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    Hallowe'en Fun

    Inspired by Steve Good's candle cube ornament, I made this version for Hallowe'en (it was something to do while waiting for glue to dry). Steve's project - http://www.stevedgood.com/candlecube.pdf Also, a pallet project for the 'hard of woodworking'. :-D Not everyone has to make Windsor...
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    I was bored...

    Armed with some free plywood, a handful of bamboo skewers and the Timberkits Beam Engine instructions, I made this...
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    Identification challenge...

    On a stationary engine site, someone posted pics of this 'unknown' starting handle. Any ideas what the logo might be or what it started? It has MORRIS on the other side. Cheers.
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    Impossible Jigsaw Puzzle?

    Sent this to my friend who loves jigsaw puzzles. She's still laughing. :-D
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    Not what it seems, those sneaky 'Mericans.

    You've probably all heard, I picked up an old pump organ made in 1889 in Michegan. The insides were totally worm-eaten but I salvaged some nice wood from the casing. Anyhow, I had a closer look at a very nicely carved piece that the organ stops went through... Seems it's just a boring...
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    Another wood identification please...

    Any ideas what this hardwood might be? Not much of a smell, except one of age and mustiness. It was on an old pump organ, if that helps? Thanks
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    Today's haul from the tip

    Our local tip allows you to take anything from the wood-mountain they have there. Been dry for a few days here, so a good haul. Lots of ¼'' and ¾'' nice quality ply. Some lumps of CLS, always handy. Some hardwood drawers. .... and an ancient Clough & Warren pump organ. Worked perfectly but the...
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    Holiday Traffic & Noisy Neighbours....

    ... it really is getting too much now. Might have to move somewhere quieter. :-D
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    A big bang and the shed went dark

    .... but I have spent the afternoon extolling the virtues of polycarbonate. Best thing is, I don't have to make any more mess with that poxy Padauk. :-D Also, I can now go over to LED battens. That's two epic fails out of two lately, is it just bad luck or am I doing something wrong. I was...
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    Keith Haring...

    Tribute to another one of my favourite artists.
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    Heads Up - GemRed Digital Angle Gauge

    £22.96 from Axminster - Offer ends in just under 14 hours. http://www.axminster.co.uk/flash-sale?u ... ale_gemred
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    Gotta love village life...

    I have a large wildlife pond in my lower field. This year, the local junior school have been pond-dipping and finding all sorts of plants and critters, and I believe they have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. My beliefs were confirmed when we came home from shopping on Friday and found...