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  1. Chrispy

    Forget McDonalds Try This

    Looks absolutely amazing, but processed sliced cheese???
  2. Chrispy

    Unusual stainless tenon saw

    D B C or Danish bacon company?
  3. Chrispy

    hinge advice

    These hinges will to a degree do what you want, but the base plate covers about 60mm so you will need to pack out your 45mm another 15mm and they need a space of about 10mm between the back of the door and the face of your frame so you might want to recess them into the frame. They are washing...
  4. Chrispy

    hinge advice

    Are you still looking for a solution? If so I will try and post a picture of a hinge that might well do what
  5. Chrispy

    Quality end grain plywood

    Are the pictures that you have seen real plywood or are they plywood edging? A lot of new plywood furniture is I believe chipboard or mdf that is cunningly lipped to look like plywood.
  6. Chrispy

    3 or 4inch thick willow, s wales

    Is Willow even a commercial timber, yes cricket bats are made from it but as far as I know they tend to grow their own.
  7. Chrispy

    I need to resaw a piece of oak. Can anyone help?

    I'm on the edge of your range, what size is your bulk of wood?
  8. Chrispy

    Luna W59 Combination Machine

    On mine you could yes, in fact in the end I put a new contactor on my planer and ran them as separate machines. Only used the morticer once though complete waste of time so took it off.
  9. Chrispy

    Help with dimensions of Harrison Union Graduate belt adjuster please

    Let me know if you need more information.
  10. Chrispy

    Moisture Content Weather Red Cedar slats

    This might be a compleat load of tosh but I think Western red Cedar is exported green , basically it dries so easily and without alot of shrinkage that it's not worth seasoning in the conventional sense let alone kiln drying.
  11. Chrispy

    Luna W59 Combination Machine

    I had one nearly forty years ago did me well and got me started in business.
  12. Chrispy

    3 phase plugs

    My workshop wired professionally is fitted with 5 pin sockets, most of the machines that are not hard wired have no need of a neutral so only use four of the five pins. I opted for 5 pin sockets to try and future proof things.
  13. Chrispy

    Collet chuck for spindle moulder

    If your spindle moulder has a 30mm shaft with M16 female thread at top then you need this;) I used it in a LUNA spindle and a dovetailing set up. A 3/8" collet for a 30mm spindle with M16 thread. £25 posted (in UK)
  14. Chrispy

    Quiz time

    Times up. Final pictures . as assembled before its installed. And installed and loaded. So Doctor Bob is absolutely correct and gets the clap👏👏👏👏
  15. Chrispy

    Quiz time

    Well here is a bit more, must be the spinny, wizzy, gun barrel lazer tube thingy watsit.
  16. Chrispy

    Quiz time

    Few interesting ideas there, lets see how it's going though. Here is the first bit of cutting out.
  17. Chrispy

    Quiz time

    Fun project on the go at moment, what can you make from an off cut of birch ply, three bearings a bit of waste pipe and some leftover dowel.
  18. Chrispy

    Power feed

    Good point it needs to have a good range of feed speeds I'll have to try and work out what the ideal would be to suit the rest of the process.
  19. Chrispy

    Power feed

    Looking for a smallish power feed for a machine that I'm working on, prefer 240v but three phase would be ok.