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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    That takes me back, must be forty years since I handled one of those
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    That takes me back a bit, must be over 40 years since I handled one of those
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    Withdrawn Vintage Record No 6 Plane

    One final reminder before I advertise it elsewhere
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    Thinking of pulling the trigger on a Clifton 5 1/2

    I'll have an as new one coming up for sale
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    Horizontal sliding workshop doors

    Has anyone fitted these to their workshops or know a good supplier for the tracks etc ?
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    Finish on tools after restoration ?

    And still as relevant now as it was then :)
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    How to make lots of cabinets fast.

    Semi skilled machine operatives, must be a mind numbing job doing that day in day out.
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    MDF kitchen units

    Also Spectric, some very high end kitchens are made in mfc. It's an ideal material for kitchen carcases which are basic boxes not chippendale reproductions at the end of the day. I saw a kitchen the other day that I sold about 18 years ago and it still looked like new, apart from being a bit dated
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    Withdrawn Vintage Record No 6 Plane

    Price now includes postage, have amended it on listing
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    For Sale Books of interest

    Is there any saving on combined postage ?
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    Sold Record number 3

    Lovely vintage example of a record number 3 smoothing plane. Pm if interested. £28 plus £6 postage NOW SOLD
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    Sold Record T5 Shooting plane

    Lovely vintage example of a record T5 shooting plane. PM if intersted £50 plus £6 postage
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    Withdrawn Vintage Record No 6 Plane

    Vintage Record number 6 , in superb condition and ready to go straight to work. I doubt you would find a better vintage example and much better quality than a new one. Price includes mainland postage. £60 including postage
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    Sold Vintage Record 5 1/2

    Lovely vintage example of this very popular plane, many recommend it as the most useful bench plane to have. First to message gets it. £50 + £6 postage Now sold
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    What's the most stupid thing you've done in woodworking?

    Carrying a large red hot steel tyre from the fire to the carriage wheel and it slipped landing on my leg.
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    I have a wheel question

    Actually very wrong though. Circumference is 3.142 times diameter, so a 6" wheel is actually a little over 18" in circumference not 28" and an 8" a little over 24"
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    Where to buy grinder wheels ?

    I've bought a ten inch double pedestal grinder which has the usual grey wheels, what would be best for grinding woodturning chisels etc and where should I look. I should add I have a tormec but it's quite slow so I'm looking to do the main part of the grind before finishing it on the tormec.
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    3 phase plugs

    Thanks everyone, I've got a rotary converter which I use with other machines, that has a 5 pin female but the latest purchase (a union 10"double wheel pedestal grinder for £56 :oops: ) has four wires
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    Plane and Chisel Sharpening Tools

    Have you tried truing the stone Glen. Mines a Tormec but I presume your record will have a diamond stone truing jig of some sort ?
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    Sold No 4 wood plane

    Now sold