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    Dewalt/B&D radial arm saw

    Would anyone knowledgable about these things be willing to look at a listing for me? I can’t see a model number to research it, and would like to know if it’s any good for the price and any pitfalls. Ebay link will follow if I’m allowed to post it. Many thanks
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    3-tree table with cabriole legs

    I wanted to use some more of the timber I’d planked up with the chainsaw mill 2 years ago, and have a go at cabriole legs: Legs are larch, aprons beech, top birch. I did the legs in standard fashion on the bandsaw, as described in ‘Cabinetmaking and Millwork’ by Feirer. Try as I might, I’m...
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    Replacing panels in a door

    I’ve been asked to replace the top two panels in this door, because they’re cracked: The door will be painted, so plywood panels will be ok. What is the best way to go about this? As far as I can see, options are: 1. Knock the stiles off and replace the panels from the side. 2. Rout the...
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    Frezite spindle moulder tooling

    I bought this on ebay recently: It’s for cabinet door making. I can stack the top three cutters to make a single scribe, but the bottom two cutters don’t make a corresponding profile (although it’s close). Can anyone tell me how to use it?
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    Wet sharpening system advice

    This will be used for: Hand tools, planer/thicknesser blades Kitchen knives Slaughter/butchery knives Occasional home-made knives The machine of choice seems to be a Tormek. The cheaper ones look like they’d do the job, but after-sales service and spares is obviously not as good. Second-hand...
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    Metal tool chest recommendations

    Looking for one of these to replace my saggy Stanley tool bag. It’ll be used for household jobs, wiring, plumbing and working on cars. This one caught my eye: It’s a bit big - 6 drawers would do me - but I like the removable tray and large space in the top. It also comes with fitted drawer...
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    Notification fade

    If I reply to a thread, or press ‘watch’ on one, I get a single notification of a reply (bubble at the top), then it self-cancels and I get no further ones. Why?
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    Making a cleaver

    I would be grateful for your thoughts on this cleaver blank I’ve made: It’s cut from a log harvester chainsaw bar, and has been annealed and roughly shaped. Next to it is my 6” boning knife for a size reference. It weighs just over 1kg, and feels just right to me (I do lots of home butchery)...
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    Charging for furniture

    Someone likes this coffee table I made, and wants me to make them one: Excuse the oily background - my bench gets gearboxes, cylinder heads, electrical items etc. on it as well as woodwork. That’s the piece of plywood I use to protect the surface from filth. How much would you charge for it...
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    Wadkin RBD planer

    Does anyone know details of the motor fitted to these? I’m looking at one for sale, which appears to be unmodified, and three phase. I have three phase, but it would be a lot cheaper to run it from a VFD. I’ve messaged the seller about the motor rating plate, but as with 50% of these cases they...
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    Larch coffee table

    This was inspired by the Paul Sellers chairside table, ie arched aprons and swept-up legs. Top attached with turnbuttons, which are essential with this air-dried timber I milled with the chainsaw a year or so ago. The design has kept a beech table I made 6 months ago reasonably stable going...
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    No on-site notifications

    Usually on forums there’s a little bubble that pops up in the corner to show you have replies to your threads. There isn’t one on UKW on my system (iPad Safari). I have to manually find the thread to check. Is this a fault or by design? It’s a nuisance. Many thanks
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    Clogged sandpaper hint

    I’ve just been flattening a pine chopping board in the drum sander. It’s so resinous that the fabric-based abrasive loading clogged almost instantly with a rock hard, thick layer of resin and sawdust. It was so difficult to remove I nearly threw the roll away. What seemed to work was doubling...
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    Router table

    I’m looking for a router table, preferably with a stand, that I can buy as a pre-made unit. It will be for moulding, running grooves for door stiles, rebates etc. At the moment I use a cheap B&D plunge router upside down in the vice, with a piece of wood clamped on top as a fence. I can’t seem...
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    Bearing analysis wanted

    This an aftermarket rear wheel bearing from a mate’s Freelander, which I fitted about three years ago when I owned the car. It was rumbling badly but there was no play. This may not be the right forum, but there might be some proper engineers here who know what could have caused the damage...
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    Second-hand tool prices

    Stanley 71 router plane: Old and worn, around £130 Lie-Neilsen 71 router plane: Brand new, around £140 Why?
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    Paul Sellers chairside table

    Finished this little table from Paul’s book. It was a refreshing change to follow plans, rather than make it up as I go along. The legs start off straight, and are given inside curves and chamfers to appear bent outwards. The whole table seems to ‘stand’ nicely. It was made from an old beech...
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    Multico model K mortiser - general questions

    This has been put into service in my little shop and I’m very pleased with it. There was some play in the xy table that I took out by loosening the sliders and tapping them inwards, but there’s quite a lot of backlash in the up-down lever, mainly where it passes through the pinion. I can almost...
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    Raised panels

    I did ask this as part of my kitchen sideboard project thread, but it probably deserves its own. I hand-planed some raised panels for standard doors, and had trouble getting the raisings even. Does everyone do them on a table saw? Where the panel fits into the 1/4” groove, it’s sloped. Should...
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    Kitchen sideboard

    I thought you might like to see my first proper piece of furniture, other than spiceracks and the like: This was a ‘farm to fork’ build - I cut down a large larch tree nearby, planked it up with the chainsaw mill, then used the wood after seasoning. I’ve been entirely taught by the Paul...