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  1. J

    New hip anybody?

    They are talking about it over there TheWoodHaven2 • View topic - Has anyone here had a new hip? I'm on the list - waiting for telephone triage. Gotta keep fit - can't get on/off bike, running is OK except for long recovery, now reduced to squats! Bound to be some decrepit old woodworkers on...
  2. J

    Customs declarations and brexit

    Brexit dividend strikes again! Sold a low cost item on Ebay going to the Channel islands. Have to fill in a ludicrous customs declaration - not worth the time, nor risk of getting it wrong, so cancelled! If I did it again I'd ask for p&p plus £5 for admin.
  3. J

    Sold Record No4 plane

    Record No4 plane, with Stanley blade and bits. Sharp and good working order ready for use, but scruffy with scope for restoration if required. £20 inc p&p UK
  4. J

    Sold Acorn No 4 Plane

    Acorn No 4 Plane. Pretty much identical to Record or Stanley models. Set up and sharpened ready for use. Good working order but scope for further restoration. £20 inc p&p UK
  5. J

    Cross cut sled plus crown guard

    Following on from this thread DIY Overhead crown guard with dust extraction. I asked why a sled can't be used with a proper guard in place i.e. riving knife and crown guard attached. The answer is that it can, absolutely no problem at all. If you look at this bought sled all you need to do is...
  6. J

    Wooden hinge box

    Just looking at wooden hinge boxes. Do they all have a metal pin, in which case I can work it out, or are there crafty all wood versions? Could watch 90 minute Rob Cosman vid but it's too long for me!
  7. J

    When to replace a plane blade

    Just dug up this pic of a blade I saved. The hard laminate extends beyond the slot so the blade can be used down to the last fraction of an inch. Plenty of use still left in this one!
  8. J

    More beer for me

    Suddenly came to me in a flash: home brewing! Haven't done it for years. Wondered about buying a complete kit - there seem to be many options it's quite an industry. Any particular recommendations?
  9. J

    Sold The Technique of Furniture Making Ernest Joyce Batsford 1970

    The Technique of Furniture Making Ernest Joyce Batsford 1970 Well thumbed 1970 copy of this great classic but still in good condition. Clean pages, dust jacket in polythene cover £25 inc p&p
  10. J

    Simple drawer slips

    Little French bedside table to repair Easiest and neatest drawer bottom fit is into slots in the sides and front. Unfortunately with fine stuff this is not durable because all the wear is then on the thin edge of the drawer, and, any weight inside the drawer is resting in the slot with only a...
  11. J

    How do you deliver a large table?

    I've always run stuff off in my own vehicle. Quite like the travelling and an excuse to visit far away places. But how would you get it delivered by someone else, loaded, unloaded, moved into place etc without the slightest risk of damage or picking up the slightest mark? A "removals" firm...
  12. J

    Sold Shaft & Bearing for Record CL2,CL3 & CL4 Lathe. Used

    Used Spindle and bearing from a Record CL3 lathe. I am told it also fits CL2 and CL4 but advise checking first Complete Shaft & Bearing Assembly for CL2,CL3 & CL4 Lathes : Stiles & Bates Good condition. I’ve got this because I was offered a brand new one at a car boot. Needn’t have bothered as...
  13. J

    Sold EXPANSIVE BIT 7/8"TO 3"

    FOOTPRINT EXPANSIVE BIT 7/8"TO 3" IN A BOX VINTAGE 1956 WITH GOVT ARROW MARK from about 1 inch to 3 inches diameter of cut A good quality expansive bit not much used. It’s in a Ridgeway box for some reason! Footprint are noted for solidly good quality tools. £20 inc P&P
  14. J

    Windsor Chair lecture

  15. J

    Sold The Workbench Book: Scott Landis

    The Workbench Book Scott Landis Classic! Good condition. £35 inc P&P UK
  16. J

    Hickory Winds

    Just of to bed with me cocoa and listening to this - one of hundreds of cover versions
  17. J

    Japanese joinery and general design website

    Japanese friend sent me this. Dive Into the Incredibly Satisfying Art of Japanese Wood Joinery Looks interesting. More general stuff about design on there too: Colossal
  18. J

    sanding discs plus stick on velcro backing

    Where can I buy sanding discs plus stick-on velcro backing, for mounting to a ply disc on a face plate. Probably 8" dia. I bought some 12" for another disc but I can't remember where
  19. J

    Sold Ultimate Woodworking Course by Nick Gibbs

    EDIT: SOLD Ultimate Woodworking Course by Nick Gibbs Nick is the well known publisher of "Quercus" and other earlier magazines. Good condition, ex library copy £7 including UK postage (it's a heavy book!)
  20. J

    Sold Cut & Dried by Richard Jones

    SOLD "CUT & DRIED, A Woodworker's Guide to Timber Technology" Richard Jones. Becoming a sought after classic! Very Good condition except dust jacket a bit scruffy on the back. Read about it on Richards page Richard Jones Furniture Home £45 including UK post