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  1. J

    Startrite 301E Motor details

    Looking for details on the above and thought to ask you knowledgeable folks: Motor RPM? Shaft diameter? Two capacitors? Are the mounts anything special? Would a 1hp fit? Anything else you can think of? TIA folks!
  2. J

    Banggood Electric Table - Heads Up

    Two-tier large electric table on offer for $160 to anyone interested. HTH someone.
  3. J


    Ajax and Meddings pillar drills on t'bay if you look atm. Location is Brummingham. HTH, Jester
  4. J

    Moderator required

    On the For Sale forum the filter for sorting by last message appears not to be working - for me anyway. Can this be 'sorted' for me please? Thanks in advance. J
  5. J

    Moderator required please

    How do I get 'sufficient privileges' to post in the 'Wanted' column please? Seems odd to be restricted, I can understand in 'For Sale', but in 'Wanted'? Jester
  6. J

    What RPM?

    Typical Question (i.e. how long is a piece of string) from a relative newbie? What is the typical rpm on a decent, say 2hp 240v motor bandsaw please? The reason for the question is that - maybe giving the game away here - on fleabay there is a 3-phase bandsaw for sale and the motor isn't playing...