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    Clay on top of 100mm waste pipe OK?

    I was reading Part H last night and one part got me thinking, see screenshot. Most of the soil that I extracted from the ground was clay - does this mean that I cannot backfill it again with clay based on what the regs say about 100mm maximum clay lump size? It seems it's OK to do that from...
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    Trench for water, electricty and waste

    Hi All, I am making progress with my garden room build, groundscrews have been installed and I have now started digging the trench. The below is my current trench 'design' if you can call it that - there doesn't seem to be any clear answers on the topic of combining all 4 types of service in...
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    9m x 3.7m Workshop + Office - Header Design

    Hello people, this is my first post here. Initially I'm looking for some advice on the design of my new workshop but I'm also hoping in the long term that this could be a useful community for me as I am just starting my journey into woodworking. Information: Type: Permitted development...