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    Big questions, stretching the imagination and no answers

    Feed, cloth, and house our own population. Everyone should have a toilet, shower, hot and cold water, a comfortable bed. Then, go find another planet to plunder... But get this one right first. Start by making politicians pay for inadequate spending of our money. I was a star trek fan as a...
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    We are hiring

    I'm a shipwright, and I can do all of that...
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    Challenge - 18th century transport box design and materials?

    You can have can have honeycomb cardboard boxes made, knife cut on a cnc router with folds and joints knived in. The same company could then 3D laser print the outside to look as real as you want it. To do it yourself... laser printer and cnc router, with associated software.
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    Dust rant

    If you want instructions or "how it's done", you'd need to go to Youtube, even there it's mostly cr*p And dont forget your ff, rew, del, rec, buttons.... then you are sure to get it right...
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    Planar thicknesser advice

    Drop an email to victor@woodfordtooling.com he will get you sorted in a jiffy.
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    Planar thicknesser advice

    It'll not spin that easy, the complete drive train includes the in and out feed rollers. Blunt blades will give it trouble, I find it quite amazing, that manufacturers put cheap and often blunt, knives, blades and cutters in their tools. The best advice given here is machine waxing the tables...
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    Now here's a challenge - what wood is this?

    I would say chestnut, here is a piece I cut out of my house in spain... it's about 300 years since it was put in place here.
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    Spalted Beech Rolling pin.?

    The fungi will die once starved of moisture. Go ahead with it and as mentioned earlier, finish with a food safe product.
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    Varnished kitchen worktop in lousy condition - which sander please?

    You will regret the day you were born, using a belt sander is a definite no, unless you remove the work top. Use a cabinet scraper and finish using a quality sanding sheet. Cheap sandpaper will de laminate and bits of grit will leave nasty marks that you will then have to sand out.. Abrinet is...
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    Tear out when drilling holes

    If it a jig for continuous use it should be made from quality materials and to an exacting standard. All holes should be drilled before final sizing. A jig is an example of your finished work, if that is sloppy.... guess what your customers will think
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    Endgrain - cannot sand clean

    That would be friction then? Hence, slow and soft....
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    Endgrain - cannot sand clean

    Friction! For the most part. Slower surface action with little pressure on the surface will always cut quicker. Most people press far to hard when sanding by hand or machine, The abrasive has limited depth, there is no point in trying to push it further.
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    Endgrain - cannot sand clean

    The Mark's are grain tear out, either from a snatch or a blunt gouge. Re cut with a sharp tool, or keep sanding for another hour :)
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    Vaccine Passports (domestic).

    We will be controlled by china completely, within 15/20 years. They already own/control most financial institutions, industry is dictated by them, almost all of the world's tooling is made in china. Our governments are all scared of them... There are none so blind as those that will not see....
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    What cost for European Ash

    No real consolation.. I buy 2.5 cubic meters of ash from my local wood mill for €400.00, slab sawn. I'm in spain and could have supplied you cut to size for the price you paid. Legal recovery will cost you more than the £250... Write it off to a bad experience, and buy cheaper elsewhere, I'm...
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    Woodford woodworking tooling

    Does anyone here use these dudes? I bought some planner blades for my planes, had to return one set. They said they will refund me if I returned them and send me another set if i paid for them. So i paid for the new set ( apparently it was a problem for them to contra the invoice because of...
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    DEWALT DW125 Radial Arm Saw thermal protection switch replacement

    Yup, that's the button... it is as hard as you can imagine to press that pipper down.... But it will click!
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    DEWALT DW125 Radial Arm Saw thermal protection switch replacement

    Mine also clicked out once.. and was very hard to click back in, I put a piece of wood on the top and pressed real hard.. then it clicked in... perhaps yours is the same. Give it a try.. get brutal
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    I don't think they would believe it nowadays?

    Go carts, from old boxes and pram wheels.... weeks of fun and friction burns...
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    Starter chisel set

    Next time.you see a new Stanley chisel, check it with a vernier caliper.. I bought 4 new, about 5 years ago and all of them over sized... the 10mm was infact 10.7, "made in england with material sourced from around the world" In other words assemble in.. but made in china. My previous set, I...