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    Tree / Timber Identification

    These trees are growing on our land and they grow very fast and spread easily. I recently cut a few down and was interested to see what the timber looked like and I was also really keen to mill something on my newly made 20" bandsaw. I have my suspicions on what it may be but not entirely sure...
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    Laguna Fusion 3 Tripping Breaker

    Hi all, I recently purchased the Laguna table saw and last night after setting it up I went to start it. It makes an attempt but trips the breaker before it gets going. Does anyone have any experience with this issue? Some things to mention are; It's a 16amp socket However I purchased the saw...
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    SIP 12" Table Saw Wiring

    I recently purchased a second hand SIP 12" table saw. I have one issue with it, I know when bought new they are supplied with a 16amp plug however my one came with a 13amp plug and runs just fine. Since I have a 16amp socket in my workshop I'd like it to run on a 16amp plug. I noticed there...