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  1. J

    New hip anybody?

    Not a new hip but a new knee. Weird seeing my foot at an angle that didn't look right over the small sheet they put up to stop me seeing, then they put up a BIG sheet up and I started to get worried! All was okay and I was up later in the day walking on crutches. Sent home 3 days later with...
  2. J

    Why no replies showings in conversations

    I thought that was the problem!;);)
  3. J

    Customs declarations and brexit

    Can any Remainer tell me years it is since EU finances were 'signed off' by the accountants? Brexit wasn't about harmonising standards or the like, it was about POWER, and Merkel et Macron that wanted to rule the UK. That's why Brexit supporters came out and voted to leave, the carp politics and...
  4. J

    City and guilds

    Fella in the dyehouse, as 'regular' as clockwork disappeared with a newspaper to the loo for an hour at 08.15. We eventually got him a pearler with some conc. ammonia tipped over the door. Never seen anyone move as fast with their trousers 'round their ankles. Them wos the days, them wos!
  5. J

    Photos of the last thing I made

    Just about the poshest bird table I've ever seen! Very nice, love the roof.
  6. J

    Router for DIY table

    Have a look at Triton - look for adjuster above table. Much cheaper than a router lift! HTH
  7. J

    Customs declarations and brexit

    It was supposedly a Common Market that we joined all of those years ago. It changed to the EEC and then to the EU. A European Union ruled generally by Merkel & Macron (and look how he turned on us to make himself appear strong in an election year). Personally I'm just sick and tired of someone...
  8. J

    For Sale Elektra Beckum 315 bandsaw

    So how does this need 'sorting out' please, is it just the guides that need replacing?
  9. J

    Customs declarations and brexit

    Scotty, PLEASE beam him up, he has asked for it!
  10. J

    First import from the EU

    I'm saying nowt, especially after my major rant that got deleted last time...
  11. J

    Paint for exterior door

    You need to check that the bottom of the door isn't rotten. I had a hardwood door and sanded it from the top first, and when I got to the bottom I found that I needed a new door! Just a thought. HTH.
  12. J

    TV Table completed.

    Lovely work, even without considering the circumstances, well done you!
  13. J

    Anyone have a good tool belt for general carpentry?

    Have you two got a 'thang' goin' on? :rolleyes:
  14. J

    Partition Wall Garage

    That's a posh garage, all plastered! When you've done the partition and fully enclosed the back part of the garage, get a dehumidifier in there for a few days, that will dry out the floor. Sorted!
  15. J

    Kity 613 Bandsaw strip and rebuild (long post)

    Thanks for that Jonm, I understand, but I still feel that (like most things), here in the UK we're being ripped off. I am of the belief that if something costs $x, then it too easily converted straight into £x, forgetting that there is more that one $ to the £. It would be interesting to see...
  16. J

    Kity 613 Bandsaw strip and rebuild (long post)

    After seeing this, I really do wonder why bandsaws in general are so very expensive, there isn't that much to them! Sorry if you disagree, just my honest observation.
  17. J

    Dewalt tstak vs fatmax pro stack comparison?

    Did you spot the price of that trolley? You'd be off your trolley to buy one! (For those that have, my apologies).
  18. J

    Census 2021....

    Isn't it the 21st of March?
  19. J


    Gave up Virgin donkey's years ago. Bought a Freesat box and got a chap to change the 'pointy thing' on the dish. Tv stuff now free. SWMBO hates it when I talk about changing internet provider, "We'll have to change our email address again!". Got that sorted by setting up a generic gmail address...
  20. J

    Startrite 301E Motor details

    Who's a clever boy!:rolleyes: