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    Routing a slot

    I'm with Tiddles. Except I'd likely use a router bit like one of these, https://www.wealdentool.com/acatalog/Online_Catalogue_Housing_Rebate_698.html Assuming the depth of cut is 15mm or less I'd use the 26mm wide cutter, and make a template from 6mm moisture resistant MDF. The template would...
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    Heating Controller

    You guys are absolute heroes! Many thanks.
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    Heating Controller

    This is a heating controller for the underfloor heating in my kitchen, it plugs into a wall socket. The LCD has gone blank and it's stopped working. Does anyone have any idea what model it is so that I can replace it and get the heating back up and running? Thanks!
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    How large should i build a router sled? (or what size are most tables)

    Sure you need one? I make quite a few pieces from big, waney edged slabs. Things like desks and dining tables. They're way too wide to process through my 405mm wide planer/thicknesser. So I finish them with an old wooden jack plane. And that includes ultra hard tropical timbers as well as...
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    What type of chestnut is this?

    Horse Chestnut is pretty rubbish, it's very weak and has this stringy, woolly texture that makes it difficult to work. Unlike Poplar it doesn't even take paint very well, often becoming furry. It is however increasingly useful as a substitute for Holly. Brilliant white Holly is almost...
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    Wood bleaching

    Nothing stops it completely, but bleaching certainly slows it down to an absolute crawl. Another alternative that can deliver several years of bone whiteness is Osmo Raw Oil, it contains a tiny trace of light fast pigment that cancels out the yellowing of the oil. As long as the finished piece...
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    Wood bleaching

    Yes, but it has to be a proper two pack bleach, not just the household stuff, and I'm assuming you just want to take away a yellow tinge rather than remove the discolouration that comes from serious spalting. The Barnsley Workshop have been doing some amazing stuff, using two pack wood bleaches...
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    Bench dog hole tear out

    Yes, I've used those for quite a few years now, actually alongside a pair of the Veritas holdfasts! I don't have any tear out problems on my Hard Maple bench and the Veritas holdfasts have a longer reach. However, I still prefer the Simon James holdfasts. They grip much better and are a lot...
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    What blade sits on your table saw on a daily basis?

    It's a 300mm blade with 48t ATB on a Felder sliding table saw. I have a about five or six of these blades and they get cycled through the saw doctor on a regular basis. Like most furniture makers that I know I don't actually do all that much ripping on the table saw. I do some, just not as much...
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    Is this cross grain?

    "are the thin lines running across the broken grain 'cross grain'" No, cross grain is something else entirely. They're medullary rays, they're formed in some trees in order to take water and nutrients from the centre of the tree out towards the edges. You'll only see them in certain woods, and...
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    Ridiculous things you believed as a child...

    At school it was a known fact that if you got a paper cut in the web of skin between thumb and fore-finger, then you'd develop lock-jaw and die. This was hard science.
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    Peter Sefton Long Courses

    At the end of the day it's all about the instructors and that's just as true in the HNC/HND environment. The head of the Chichester operation is passionate and committed, he gives up his free time to manage Britain's Cabinet Making team in the World Skills competition, in which he's achieved a...
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    Peter Sefton Long Courses

    Some give a formal qualification, Chichester College for example had a sky high reputation for its HNC/HND courses, for others it's just the halo effect.
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    Peter Sefton Long Courses

    Be careful when choosing a course, amongst furniture makers some training establishments enjoy far better reputations than others. Amongst the issues I've heard about are inadequate safety standards, overly large projects designed to keep students occupied with minimal supervision...
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    Invasion of US Capitol building

    On the day of 911 I was due to attend a conference in Washington. My flight was turned around mid Atlantic and returned to London, some of colleagues on different flights were diverted to Newfoundland, but another group had flown in the day before and were already in Washington on that fateful...
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    For your purposes Craft Veneers will take some beating. You get to see a photo of the actual veneers you're buying, their quality is pretty good, and they're geared up for smaller quantities. There may come a point where you want a much wider range and to physically choose in person exactly...
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    Number of polyurethane coats before I can polish?

    What polyurethane? Some of the water based ones are notoriously soft. You can get a rubbed gloss, but the surface will be too soft to hold it for very long. Micro scratches from household polishing means it'll end up satin. The irony is that because the surface is soft, even if you begin with a...
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    Mortice machine

    Wot he said ^^^
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    How Necessary is a Specialised Scrub Plane?

    I regularly make pieces with large, waney edged slabs. These can be sizeable pieces of furniture, large desks or dining tables for example. But my planer thicknesser can only take a 410mm wide board. One other thing, these slabs will often be hard, tough tropical timbers. I guess I could use a...
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    Workbench Design

    As long as it doesn't get packed full of shavings a shallow hole may be all you need, BenchDogs do a really short dog that's one of the "twist to lock" style, it's absolutely rock solid and dead accurate.