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    Strike Block Plane

    I decided to build myself a Strike Block Plane for use on my shooting board. I had some Cherry that I'd bought at The Oak Fair three years ago which was just wide enough for use with a Sorby 2 1/4" double iron. The bed angle is 38 degrees which is low enough for a wooden plane. After planing...
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    High bed angle wooden smoother.

    Just a couple of photos of a smoother that I made about eighteen months ago. It's a two piece plane made out of some old oak fence post that I made just to see how it tuned out. The plane has had alterations since first finished. It started out as a coffin smoother. I added a separate sole to...
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    A couple of homemade planes

    Here are a couple of planes that I made a year or two ago. The first is a moving fillister with a skewed blade which has since been re-purposed as a wide rebate plane as the blade was not correct, and shavings could pass both sides. The second plane is a simple rebate plane with a skew blade...
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    Another re-handled saw.

    As most hand saws have handles that are too large for my hands I usually end up making new handles. The saw below is my fathers 1970s Sandvik tenon saw with a horrible plastic handle that was uncomfortable to use, so it needed a new handle. I decided to make it London Pattern out of beech...
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    New saw handle.

    I bought this old Spear and Jackson saw at Bridport market for £2. As you can see it needed the blade sorting out, and whilst at it I decided to give it a new handle, partly because it was too large for my hands, and partly because I wanted to. And the handle. Firstly I planed up a piece of...
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    Recurring rust problem

    I have a Millers Falls no 75 block plane that I bought alongside a Woden W78 rebate plane at the Stock Gaylard Oak Fair last year. I only paid £3 for the pair as they were both in a fairly rusty state. I cleaned both up using electrolysis and repainted the block plane. The Woden I left as it...
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    What do you use to finish a saw handle?

    I have just made two new saw handles out of beech. One for a re-purposed 1960s 10 inch Spear and Jackson tenon saw that I have cut down to make a dovetail saw, and the other a London pattern handle for my fathers 1970s 12 inch Sandvick tenon saw with an abominable black and yellow plastic...