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    Veritas mini tools

    Bought the mini shoulder plane some years ago. Don't use it everyday, but for quick cleaning up of narrow grooves and rebate corners, it's fine.
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    Handle wood omnibus

    As you say, I doubt our elm is the same type as yours, but it is no good for burning - smoke and no heat. The only downside that I have found is that furniture beetle seems to love it. I have used ebony for small chisels/carving tools for Netsuke, but I think it splits with heavy hitting...
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    Handle wood omnibus

    I have re-handled a set of 4 bevel edged chisels with elm. Not sure whether it grows in the States, but it has a good interlocking grain, and takes a deal of abuse. We lost a lot of elm trees back in the 70s to Dutch Elm Disease, but I have been able to buy from time to time. Used for seats for...
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    How Necessary is a Specialised Scrub Plane?

    Having sold my P/T before we moved, and not yet replaced it, I bought a European scrub plane for £12 and have to say I am totally converted. My plane has no maker's mark on the blade or body, but it works, so who cares. Seeing the prices Jacob mentions, I am even more pleased.
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    Bearing steel

    Phew, a lot of this is over my head, but thank you all for your detailed explanations. The blade I have, which I suspect is bearing steel is used for carving netsuke in Ebony, Boxwood and African Blackwood. I have also made my own tools for this work from O1, HS, masonry nails and worn out small...
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    Bearing steel

    Does anyone have any information as to what this is, and how it compares with say O1? It was mentioned in a recent article in Carving magazine as being used in carving tools by a niche tool maker. I have one of their small carving tools, which does seem to keep a very sharp edge, but I am not...
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    Small Chamfer Plane

    You can achieve quite a lot by hand turning brass, as long as you can hold securely in a woodturning chuck. Negative rake cutting angle, it then is easy to raise/lower the cutting edge to find the sweet spot. I use a re-purposed HSS tool. Hand turning mild steels is also possible, but more...
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    Boot sale puzzler. Tool ID if you can help please.

    Picked up on this belatedly. When I was a kid, my parents gave my brother and I, a childrens' tool set in a nice wooden box. I still have the hammer, a Mahwood bevel edge chisel, and a beech plane like yours, just under 6" long, with a 1 1/2" blade, is simply marked Sheffield. Some time ago, I...
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    Damp proofing workshop floor

    Whilst I agree with Mike G that the floor level should be at least 150mm/6" above the surrounding ground level, it was standard build for new build for the top soil to be excavated, blinded and then 6" of oversite concrete before the dpm gets laid. This would then be covered with insulation and...
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    This Is elm, right?

    I agree that it is elm, but I too would worry about the woodworm. I have used it from time to time for chair seats, and it is a beautiful timber. The grain is generally all over the place which lends to it's attraction, but I would check with a hand plane before you buy or commit to a project...
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    Plane Dilemma

    If you ever get the chance to go to one of their twice yearly open days, it is worth the trip. I am not sure there can be a better site for a workshop, at the top of a wooded valley, in the South Downs National Park, near Petersfield. Apart from the showroom, where the pieces are an inspiration...
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    How to store your Russell Jennings bits

    I also have acquired in a job lot, a range of spoon bits. Never tried them. Is there a particular job for which they were designed?
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    Plane Dilemma

    As a semi-regular attendee at the Barnsley open days, they definitely have industrial sanders, spindle moulders, et al. They were also using what looked like an aviation spec. alloy honeycomb sandwich material as a core in an MDF/veneered sandwich, to ensure a consistently flat, forever surface...
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    How to store your Russell Jennings bits

    Thanks Tony - that's very helpful. Thus far, even when sharpened the bullnose version has a tendency to tear out the surface when drilling cross-grain. May be a sharpening problem?
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    How to store your Russell Jennings bits

    Hopefully, I can piggy-back on Andy T's neat bit of brass work, but it is sort of relevant. I am increasingly using a brace and bit for speed and accuracy. I have accumulated three different types of bit. The first type is what seems to be the most prevalent in car boot sales and is similar to...
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    If you're working on something that's mostly hand tools...

    The Forestry Commission was started in 1919 to replant the woodland that was felled in the First World War. I think that most of the plantations were softwood, which has given rise to the thousands of acres of mono-culture across the UK. Thankfully, the policy has changed and for some time the...
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    quarantine project

    My recollection is that proper floorboard saws had a convex tooth-line so that the cut could be started in the middle of the board. I think the theory was that the cut could then be extended without damage to the adjoining boards. Having said that, it is years since I saw one in use.
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    Do many hobbyists own planer thicknessers?

    Had an Elektra Beckum p/t until we moved 4 years ago. Will replace it in my new w/s now the old too big workbench is sold. I mostly stick to hand tools, but a bandsaw and a p/t are the machinery I would not want to be without. Having said that, I did buy a wooden scrub plane last year for £12...
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    Anglo-Saxon Thumb Shave

    I have been on a couple of leatherwork courses recently. Leatherworkers use either what looks like a very sturdy fork, different sizes - different pitches, punched into the leather, or a spike toothed wheel rotating within a steel shaft, with a handle. I picked up a couple of second hand leather...
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    Woodwork hand tool demo. chisel question

    Good for you - hope you raise a decent amount. What about producing a tenon as I was taught a long time ago by my woodwork teacher, several cross cuts with a saw, rather than rip parallel, remove bulk of waste with chisels, then use a sharp chisel to pare across grain to dimension and fit?