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    DIY Drum sander motor?

    If you do decide on using an induction motor I purchased one for my homemade bandsaw from electrotechdrives they have a good selection at a reasonable price
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    Tree / Timber Identification

    Yes it would be nice to be able to identify any tree. I noticed these yesterday... I think it is definitely goat willow
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    Tree / Timber Identification

    Were situated on sloping ground there are natural springs which can create wet spots and that's where these trees are thriving.
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    Tree / Timber Identification

    I just had a good look around and couldn't see any sign of cones. I had a look through a database listing all species of salix and salix Cinerea is definitely the smaller shrubs in the picture above I'll know for sure when the leaves come out if the larger trees are the same you could be right...
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    Tree / Timber Identification

    What time of year do the cones come out I haven't seen any. I am planning to dry it I have noticed it does split easily
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    Tree / Timber Identification

    Would it be red alder the bark looks very similar when I looked it up. That's the closest I've seen so far thanks Jorny The leaves will be out soon
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    Tree / Timber Identification

    I managed to find a photo from last year. We have quite a lot of them around. From research I did the closest I could find was some species of willow but nothing was a perfect match. I always thought birch had a distinctive white bark but the bark from these trees peels very easily and stays...
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    Tree / Timber Identification

    I can't get photos of the leaves yet until they come out.
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    Tree / Timber Identification

    Has anybody any ideas?
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    Tree / Timber Identification

    These trees are growing on our land and they grow very fast and spread easily. I recently cut a few down and was interested to see what the timber looked like and I was also really keen to mill something on my newly made 20" bandsaw. I have my suspicions on what it may be but not entirely sure...
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    Wood filler with osmo oil?

    Probably stain and maybe draw on the grain lines. Other option is the repair wax but I have no experience with it
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    Wood filler with osmo oil?

    I have filled gaps with osmo before mixed with sawdust a whole lot better looking than glue you wouldn't notice it if you didn't look. Where I used it was around joints on a jewelry box and little chips here and there it's a mushy consistency and takes a long time to dry and I wouldn't say its...
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    Metal roof insulation to fix condensation

    If anyone is interested ubakus.com | Graphical editor or just google u-wert. I studied architectural technology in college and we often used this when creating roof and wall build ups.
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    Best 6" Random Orbital Sander or should I get a forced rotation (geared) Sander?

    I got a cheap JCB ROS from B&Q it feels like a sturdy tool and has lasted me a year now
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    Table saw advice

    I used a 2hp induction motor for my homemade bandsaw. I got it from electrotechdrives they were very helpful and the wiring diagram was easy to understand and at a good price for some reason though the prices were cheaper on eBay that on the actual website
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    Dust extractor for garage size man cave

    You mentioned a 150mm outlet and you used manrose ducting. I have been looking for 150mm pvc 45 degree bends to use instead of 90 degree but cant find the size in that type of PVC. I haven't actually setup my system yet, but its in the back of my mind and have been looking around how did you...
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    Need help understanding Arbor and blade (dado) - Laguna Fusion 3

    IGM tools and machinery sell a dado stack I am also looking for a dado stack for my luguna fusion 3 but not at the moment it was something for the future
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    I chopped down some whitethorn as we call it. The tree has white flowers a certain time of the year I'm not sure is that the same as hawthorn but the timber you have looks exactly like mine. Its really tough I have used it for two knife handles and a saucepan handle. They look great they had...
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    Looking for my first table saw

    Hi Jim, That's Great! The two on the top is for your mitre fence if you tilt it to say 45 degrees it should sit nicely there. I use the bottom hook for the blade changing spanner and my extra riving knife. The second riving knife is a separate accessory. The two hooks on the back of the saw...
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    Looking for my first table saw

    Good luck with your new machine I hope it serves you well. If you like I can measure it for you without the side rails attached you may also find the dimension in the manual you can get it online fairly handy. There are some good tutorials on youtube from laguna on the setup its quite straight...