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    Some of my tissue boxes

    This morning I had to set up an old mobile hard drive and then got waylaid looking at some projects that I used to post at this forum around 10 years ago.
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    10 cruise ships laying off Torquay this weekend .

    and from the top of our road we can eyeball 5 of them on our side over to Babbacombe for the other five, it makes us feel if we live in the paradise.
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    car battery problem, any advice please?

    I do not have my garage available to park my car owing to woodwork hobby space. How do other members here charge up their car battery at home in this bad weather, I dont fancy running an extension lead out to the battery in the car on th drive during this weather with all the bad weather around...
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    Purchased a plastic bag of kippers last week and they were B. awful. This was the same as the last time I bought some perhaps 12 months ago, they do not taste the same as years ago, I suspect EU regulations imposed some flavour change on the curers. Does anyone know if now we are supposed to...
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    Could not watch Youtube on my smart TV?

    Has you tube stopped free use on smart TV and now have to pay a subscription, is was OK this morning?
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    My Thunderbird server does not display the author of post.

    My thunderbird server is only displaying an ambiguous title and not the author name of an ncoming message. I do not open these emails anymore because the source might be from somewhere I would not want to open. Does the same happen to other members here?
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    Please help, I cannot get youtube

    This morning I cannot enter you tube from my windows 10 pc. I get a notice that I am unable to enter because I need microsoft edge, tried following the instructions and that did not work. Shall I uninstall Chrome that does not work and request a new account or what advice can you offer to an...
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    my virginmedia contract ends shortly

    I have been on broadband fibre for years and I cannot fathom what internet would be like signing up to new supplier. we dont watch film videos or download music, watch you tube and iplayer virgin fibre telephone landline we also use. Cannot find another fibre supplier in TQ3 area, so whats it...
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    I have experienced forums since 1990

    I wish the new forum and announcement a happy future and success, but my past experience of such events has not been a sign of such. Have been a member of an art forum since 2004 who recently also seemed to have change its roots and postings seemed to have reduced to a handful over the past 3...
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    My thunderbird email wont work help please

    Sorry I'm in trouble as usual, thunderbird has not posted me any mail for 24 hours,asking for password and new but neither working for me. Anyone know a good mail provider and will let me use m y existing email address with virginmedia.? and how to do it please
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    TV Licence

    Does anyone know if the new tv licence comes in the post for us old free licence users? I get emails but I think they could be scams.
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    Does anyone recognise this box style

    Our eldest grandson looks like he has caught the woodwork bug, attached is a photograph of his latest project. Does it remind you of something from the old days of my project entries.
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    Am I alone?

    Janet & I are classed as shielded, and we get priority delivery food service at our local Sainsbury supermarket and the deliveries are regular around 7am each Monday morning which is good, but! Quite honestly I feel that the quality of some items that are selected by the packers are items that...
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    PLease help, I have lost the use of Internet explorer

    Yesterday something played me up on my i/e and I got locked on the Chrome and lost the use of i/e and cannot seem to get it back (it has all my favourites ) Any help appreciated (system restore did not get me back either) Hope all are well, Janet and I are keeping isolated and are OK. Stay...
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    Overdrive, (library app)

    Can anyone here please advise me on working with Overdrive please. For some years I have been happy running overdrive/Libby on my Ipad efficiently but today I found I could now have the app also running on a windows 10 PC. I succeeded in downloading OK and put in three libraries from our local...
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    living wild and building his own log cabin video (90min )

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxM9FYSs8V4 The wife and I are self isolated and we both woke at 2 am this morning, made a cup of tea and put on the TV switched to You Tube and found this video of a guy in Canada who also self isolated in 2017 and over the space of 2 years built some outside log cabins...
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    Making a Steinway grand piano , interesting 9 minute video.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAInt7h ... lU&index=1 (mod edit) jAInt7hIZlU
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    Niki, a blast from the past.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2m3EiVRCUjk To all members here the above link will give us a return to the days (over ten years ago I should think) of threads we regularly viewed here at UKworkshop.
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    I upgraded my old window 7 to Windows 10 today free Last day

    I got the info on internet from Carey Holzman. He uses Windows assistant upload type in carey holzman into google
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    Black Friday, should Amazon be taken to court?

    Black Friday offer by Amazon for new smart Ferguson TV 32pfs 5803/12 reduced to £179 Purchased same model last week £179 from them. (they just put the price up for Friday with a discount to get to £179.) Have they found a legal way to get away with this sort of thing.