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    Heating Controller

    This is a heating controller for the underfloor heating in my kitchen, it plugs into a wall socket. The LCD has gone blank and it's stopped working. Does anyone have any idea what model it is so that I can replace it and get the heating back up and running? Thanks!
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    Steel Conduit, Off-Cut for Veneer Punch?

    I make most of my veneer punches from steel conduit. I've just split my most used punch, but I'll have to buy a 3m length of conduit to replace it. Has anyone got a 150-250mm off-cut of a 20-30mm diameter galvanised steel or stainless steel conduit? I'll of course pay postage, or I'll swap you...
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    Wanted Wanted, Small Ulmia Veneer Punch

    I'm looking for one of the smaller Ulmia veneer punches, say a number 2,3 or 4. Something with a maximum diameter of between 20 and 30mm. If you've got something rattling around your workshop, unused and unloved, then please let me know!
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    Compressed Air Fittings

    There's a jig I've used for years for cutting circles and ellipses, I'm comfortable using it and confident in the results. I have a job coming up where it would be useful to have a vacuum clamp facility for this jig. Good news is that the jig manufacturer does exactly the vacuum clamp I need...
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    CBN Bench Grinders

    I was doing some subbing work recently and when I delivered the components I saw they had a bench grinder with CBN wheels, an 80 grit and (I think) a 240 grit? The grinder itself and the tool rest didn't strike me as all that great, but when I saw it in operation the Axminster CBN wheels were...
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    For Sale Hock Blade & Cap Iron For Krenov Style Plane SOLD

    This is a Hock Tools PL150 iron complete with a matching cap iron. It's new and unused, still in the original unopened wrapper. This is the medium sized blade, 1 1/2" x 3 1/2", it's all you need in the way of hardware to make your own medium sized Krenov style plane. I made a number of the...
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    Wanted 2 3/8" Iron for Veritas Custom Bench Plane

    Ideally PM-V11 steel, but I'd take carbon steel if that's all there is. Thanks
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    Drawer Slides

    Imagine you're building a cabinet with side by side banks of drawers, and you're using mechanical drawer slides (ie Blum). Do you, 1. Use a thicker central divider, deep enough so the screws won't contact each other 2. Slightly off-set the location of the slides to give the screws space 3. Use...
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    Sold Assorted Parf Dogs-SOLD

    This lot comprises 1. A pair of unused rail clips (new price £9.98) 2. Two Parf Super Dogs (new price £25.98 each) 3. Two Veritas/Parf Long Dogs (new price £19.38) 4. Four Veritas/Parf Small Dogs (new price £12.58 per pair) All these are unused and in mint condition. The new price for them all...
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    Sold Lie Nielsen, 50 Degree Frog SOLD

    This is the "York Pitch" frog for all 2 3/8"Lie Nielsen bench planes, ie the numbers 4 1/2, 5 1/2, 6, and 7. A fifty degree frog gives better results, with less tear out, in more figured woods, such as the rippled Black Walnut in the photograph. York Pitch used to be pretty much the standard...
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    FTAGH, Inca Bandsaw, Spares Or Repair

    Free to a good home. Inca bandsaw that was damaged in transit. The table is bent, the table supporting trunnion is broken, one of the cast legs is bent and cracked. The mystery is the motor, it was working fine but now hums but won't spin! This is collect only, South Coast in Hampshire (New...
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    What's This?

    I was clearing out a box of Festool MFT (Multi Function Table) bits and pieces, so assorted dogs etc, when I came across a jiffy bag containing these, I'm pretty sure that they have some MFT application, but what? In the same envelope were four locking knobs that could allow these mystery...
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    Sold Replacement Rob Cosman/IBC A2 Irons For Stanley/Record Bench Planes SOLD

    There are two lots for sale here. 1. An unused Rob Cosman/IBC matched chip breaker and A2 iron for a 2" Record or Stanley bench plane, ie a number 04 or 05. This is £70 including mainland GB postage, which compares to the new price of £93 plus postage. 2. An unused Rob Cosman/IBC matched chip...
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    Found Inca Euro 205 Bandsaw SORTED

    I'm looking for one of the small, table top Inca bandsaws in decent, "user" condition. I can collect in Hampshire, Dorset, Sussex, London, Home Counties.
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    How Close To Edge?

    I want to put up some shelves inside a window "bay" in my workshop. I plan on fastening a wooden cleat to the wall with two 5mm x 50mm screws, using 8mm rawlplugs drilled to a depth of 50mm. The shelf will simply sit on top of the cleat. Nothing fancy, after all it is a workshop. This photo...
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    Shaker Furniture, Harvard Table

    I showed a photo on another thread of this table, which I make fairly frequently, It's a copy of a piece made in the Harvard Shaker Settlement, it was probably originally intended as a sewing table. There's a measured drawing in John G Shea's book "Making Authentic Shaker Furniture" I had a...
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    Nova Lathe, Bed Extension, Unused SOLD

    Cast iron 20" bed extension for Nova Lathe (Teknatools). Part number 55195. New and unused, still in original box. This for Nova DVR XP and Nova 1624-44 lathes. No longer available, so if you have one of these lathes this is your only chance to extend the bed length. Original cost £200...
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    16 Braked Castors, 75mm, Unused SOLD

    Sixteen braked castors (four sets of four castors), 75mm wheel diameter, rated for 70Kg load per castor. New and unused. I use these in my own workshop and they've performed very well. £25 for the lot. Collect only, Hampshire on the south coast, mid way between Southampton and Bournemouth.
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    Donating Masks

    A few days ago there was an article on the television about GP's (and also GP practise nurses and receptionists) suffering from a serious shortage of protective equipment. I use FFP2 face masks for sanding and had an unopened box of ten 3M masks in the workshop, so I called my local GP surgery...
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    Historical Social Distancing

    A year or so ago Andy T alerted me to a truly excellent blog about traditional cabinet making and antique furniture, "Pegs and 'Tails". The latest instalments has a very topical spin, https://pegsandtails.wordpress.com/2020 ... istancing/