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  1. JoshD

    Swapping roles with workpiece

    I am in hospital recovering from op to have lumbar spine fused L2-S1 (two stage op, first stage yesterday). No workshop for 3-6m, longer still until heavy stuff. So have live vicariously through forum. Turns out I prefer to be doing the cutting and chiselling rather than having it done to me.
  2. JoshD

    Wonky thicknessing table on SD310

    Hi, I have a Startrite SD310 planer thicknesser that I bought about a year ago. It was clear from early on that while the planing was OK the thicknessing table was out of true. I was busy with other stuff and have only just now got round to a close examination ... and I can't quite make sense...
  3. JoshD

    Scrabble tabble

    This is actually something I did a few months ago (birthday present for my wife). It's a scrabble table---as long as you're enough of a hard core scrabble nut to be happy with the power squares being colour-coded (pink, red, lt blue, dk blue). It's made from walnut solids: I cut up a slab and...
  4. JoshD

    Pointless object

    A friend suggested I make this pointless object ... so I did.
  5. JoshD

    Jessem stock roller safety

    I have a Wadkin AGS10 table saw and am trying to improve the accuracy and consistency of the results ... while remaining intact. I’ve upgraded the fence to the Incra TSLS and added the Jessem clear cut TS stock guide rollers and also improved my infeed and outfeed setups, and I’m seeing the...
  6. JoshD

    My Wadkins soupdish

    Having previously been doing cabinetry using hand tools and power tools only, last year I bought some workshop machinery, and in two cases I bought older machines on ebay, sold in working order, namely a Wadkins AGS10 table saw (to be used mostly as a ripsaw) and a Startrite SD310...