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    Jet DC850 1HP dust extractor

    Hi, yes it has a base with holes in it ready for wall mounting - you just need some bolts or screws 👍🏻
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    Jet DC850 1HP dust extractor

    No problem 👍🏻
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    Jet DC850 1HP dust extractor

    Jet DC850 1HP dust extractor, good working condition, only light DIY use. Includes original dust bag in good condition, no damage. Perfect for single-machine use, 4 inch port. £115 Collection from Copthorne RH10 3XF (near Gatwick)
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    Good news!

    Fire grenades?! Now that would be my firefighting weapon of choice!
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    Dust extraction on handheld router advice?

    I've always used a vac as normal, and then cleaned the rest up afterwards. You're right though, extraction is pretty poor with the big setup. The only thing I can think of is to make a shroud / enclosure around the comb that catches the dust / chips and fibrils them down to an extraction port...
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    I'm off

    Have a fantastic time! Look forward to hearing a full and comprehensive report! :D
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    Oak beam

    0.342 m3 to be precise!
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    To drawbore or not to drawbore that is the question.

    Indeed, and having that gap in a mortise is surely not as effective a joint as not having a gap.
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    To drawbore or not to drawbore that is the question.

    I would have thought draw boring required through tenons in order to be effective, and unless I'm viewing the photos wrong, they're not through tenons? I'd vote for pegging with no offset
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    Multico B2 Planer Restoration with pictures

    Excellent job, must be so satisfying! Great work on the dust extraction, as a thought: why not use a straight pipe instead of ridged flexi hose though? Would improve performance, albeit slightly. I've got a 3d printer on my list of things to get for just this reason - which one do you have?
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    Trend Air Stealth dust mask review

    Sorry, I missed this question. If it's any help half a year later, I use these : Bolle SILPSI Silium Safety Glasses - Clear https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B000VDWMYI/ ... wBb4BB6F44 They're very lightweight, and sit really on the bridge of the mask and my nose.
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    best dust mask and goggles combo?

    Trend air stealth - I did a review of it here viewtopic.php?p=1192417#p1192417 I use it worth some Bolle glasses that are very lightweight and don't really steam up: Bolle SILPSI Silium Safety Glasses - Clear https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B000VDWMYI/ ... wBb4BB6F44
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    Bookcase door

    Why not just have the bookcase sitting on 4 appropriate load bearing casters? You can use any hinges you want then, as they're just there to anchor it to the wall
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    Floating media shelf/unit - build advice pls.

    You're going to get grain mismatch that way. The 2x2 blocks will show end grain facing forwards, whereas the rest of the walnut will show edge grain. You're better off using laminated bendy ply as previously suggested, or just build a more simple box with a heavy roundover on the ends
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    Dust extraction / cyclone pressure release valve

    You're more likely to get a bin collapse from an LVHP system (shop vac) than an HVLP system (chip extractor). I have a thick walled plastic 30L container under my LVHP cyclone system, and it collapses easily without a pressure relief valve.
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    Machine Surface Planing Does Perfection Exist?

    As Lazurus says, any perfection that you achieve would only be temporary due to wood movement anyway. I feel that accuracy visible to the eye is sufficient - to me, that equates to anything under 0.5mm accuracy, be it a joint or the squareness in your examples
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    Prime Day woodworking deals

    Not much, most of it is a load of rubbish :( The only thing I've bought so far is 60 neodymium magnets for about a fiver
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    Plunge Saw

    I have the scheppach PL75 with a 1400mm rail. It's pretty good - reasonably accurate, reasonable dust collection. I believe the rails are also compatible with the festool / makita ones. It also has a riving knife, which is a great feature. On the negative side: the rails aren't as grippy as...
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    Best diy router lift ??

    Some routers at up for a table also allow you to change the bit by raising the router to the top, saying you from having to detach the router in order to change bits
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    Best diy router lift ??

    Router lifts allow you to adjust the height of the router without needing to reach beneath the table each time, either with a lever or a winder.