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  1. Smudger

    Oh Herr Aldi, you are spoiling us!

    More Aldiness, this time on sale from 28th Feb. Powercraft bench grinder with sanding belt ('keeps tools razor sharp') - £19.99 Set of plastic drawers, always useful for losing small items - £7.99 42 piece screwdriver and bit set (might solve Tom's problem) - probably made of cheese - £5.99...
  2. Smudger

    Chimpin' for Britain

    How the hell did this happen: I had already wrecked one side by getting the shelf-support holes misaligned. I'm using the Trend jig. So I was extra careful, even put markup lines where I wanted the holes to start. Extra careful with lining the jig up. Checked a lot. And then this! It's not...
  3. Smudger

    More Aldi!

    I've only just got back with my Dremel-clone (and very good it seems, but time will tell). 21st February Specials: 850W Peak/650W Constant - generator - £59.99 24v Combi Drill (only 1 battery) - £34.99 4½" Angle Grinder - £14.99 (Discs £3.99 a set, 4 different sets) 204 piece drill bit set...
  4. Smudger

    How It's Made

    Does anyone else watch this programme? I find it fascinating. Just seen aluminium extrusions being made for ladders. Bloody hell...
  5. Smudger

    Insurance for a Sky box

    What do other people do for insurance on their Sky boxes? After our company went bust and I got involved with a bunch of crooks, I think (probably) that I'm uninsured. Do other people bother? If so, who can you recommend, please?
  6. Smudger


    I've just picked up a Record 05SS from the same place I bought the old-style 05½. From the look of it, the age, the same sorts of dirt and paint spatters, I think they came from the same workshop. It felt weirdly nice to reunite them... (If you think I'm getting too attached to my tools you'll...
  7. Smudger

    Scrub Plane Experiment

    On a recent thread I said that I had read that scrub planes were used, in the UK, for reducing the width of boards as an alternative to ripsawing, and their relative rarity was due to early availability of machine dimensioned timber. Of course, I had never actually tried it... I was in m'shed...
  8. Smudger

    Drawer Runner advice needed, please.

    Mrs Smudger keeps large quantities of heavy things in kitchen units in her workshop. As a result, one of the cheapo MFI (20 years ago) drawers has fallen out. I have been tasked with replacing it, and to do so I have bought some cheapo drawer runners from Screwfix. I've never done this...
  9. Smudger

    Monty Don - Green Woodworking

    Well, I enjoyed that. Quite inspirational, in fact. I'd never thought of green woodworking before, but I think the Le Bodge™ range might have a green oak picnic bench in it, and possibly one of those waney benches before long.
  10. Smudger

    Aldi Pulls Out The Stops...

    Aldi have gone tool-crazy! February 14th Specials: Set of 4 'professional' chisels (8,10, 12, 24mm) - £7.99 Set of files - £7.99 Table/Suction Vice (perhaps it sucks) - £5.49 3-4 piece plier sets - £4.99 'Household Assortments' (screws, hooks, washers, odds) - £1.79 (in small plastic box which...
  11. Smudger

    'Hobbies' plans

    When I was a kid, 'Hobbies' was the only game in town, and dads used their plans to make wooden toys. I'd like to do the same, especially as GC#2 on the way. Old fashioned cars, biplanes, little trucks, that sort of thing. Has anyone used their plans recently? Are they any good, or should I go...
  12. Smudger

    How does this work?

    Anyone got any ideas how thisactually works?
  13. Smudger

    Mo' Lidl (4.02.10)

    More goodies! Well, possibly. 3.6v Li-Ion screwdriver, £14.99 (I've got the French version. OK for assembling flatpack, a bit weak for driving long screws. Not for building a deck. Handy though.) Drill Bit Set £11.99. Hmm. 60 pieces. That's 20p each... Detail Sander £11.99 - that's more like it...
  14. Smudger

    Aldi/Lidl 21st Jan

    Aldi UK - Loadsa stuff - work clothes (inc socks, fingerless gloves and beanie hats - how can you work without 'em?) A 101-piece bit set for £7.99, so probably not rebranded Festool. An axe and a log-splitting maul for a tenner each (a bit late) Sets of pliers £5.99, set of spanners £3.99, Allen...
  15. Smudger

    Lidl 14th Jan

    Full details here Includes mobile work light (£19.99), laser level (£4.99), ROS (£14.99) and sander sheets (£2.99), plus construction adhesive, sealant, sealant gun, tape and gel knee pads (£4.99). And some flowers. Also loads of motoring stuff, including a battery charger (£12.99) and a 1kg...
  16. Smudger


    Just sharing. I spent an hour in m'shed today, varnishing a little IKEA table and chairs (funny stuff, very nice wood in places, cheapo Baltic ply in others). It was a bit cold, not too bad (about 5º when I got in, about 9º when I left). To begin with I felt cold, but a bit of effort warmed me...
  17. Smudger

    The Tool Shop

    I don't know if this is allowed, but I want to put in a plug for a small part-time old tool shop in Wallington, Surrey. I guess if it isn't OK the mods will pull the thread. I've felt a need for a Record 05½ for a few weeks, I'd looked on ebay (silly prices) and there's nothing at any of the...
  18. Smudger

    Don'tcha just hate it when...

    You pop down your workshed for a simple 5 minute job, and 30 minutes later you've totally chimped it up and produced a nice bit of firewood? PS - Trend shelf support jigs are not symmetrical. DAMHIKT now.
  19. Smudger

    Replacement Batteries

    This follows on from the DeWalt thread, as it comes home to me that if I am happy with my Bosch drills (which I am) I might as well just replace the batteries, given that I have a total of 5 Bosch cordless (3 in England, 2 in France). Bosch replacements aren't cheap. But I have found this place...
  20. Smudger

    Digital TV Question (probably numpty)

    I'm getting a bigger TV, so the one I am watching at the moment (26" Sony Bravia) becomes #2 TV. Fine. Except that when I was going through the digital channels on Freeview in preparation for moving it, I found that I only have 12 of them (some radio), and no BBC, ITV or Sky1, or anything else...