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    Help with my Makita RP2301FC

    I have had my router for a couple of years now and had only used it on site whilst out working, now I have retired I thought I might have a go at inlaying some timber, I'm confused somewhat at what I need to add to my router to do this, I've looked at many video's on how to do this but can't...
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    Makita 2704 table saw (Which blade)

    Guys I have a Makita 2704 table saw with the standard blade in it that came with the machine, it's getting a little dull, can anybody recommend a good blade for this machine, the blade is a 260x30mm, I'm cutting mostly hardwood with it, a little softwood and ply as well. Cheers Gary
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    Help in identifying a species of timber

    I'm presuming it's some kind of mahogany, I've ruled out Sepele as it doesn't have the density, so I'm presuming either Brazilian, Honduras or one of the African mahoganies, any help would be appreciated. Cheers Gary