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    Blimey things have changed round 'ere

    Evening all Been a while. Just checked and my last post was Spring 2018! The forum had a different colour back then. I see some old faces are still here so that's nice. is Chas still moderating? Hope you're all well. Cheers Bob
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    Redundant BT socket from a decade old Sky installation

    Hi Folks Looking for some telco help this morning. 10 years ago we built our own home and ran cat 5 all over. Regrettably we failed miserably to install it in the one room we now need fast wifi...the lounge because instead Sky advised us their technology at the time required a BT socket...
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    Fixings in uPVC window frames

    Am I correct in assuming that regular wooden fixings ie screws and similarly drills are good for dense plastic like window frames. Or.....because the material is dense, do machine screws or at least tight wound screws work better like those designed for hardwoods? Thanks
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    Accoya - is it as good as the hype?

    I don't know much about the reality of Accoya. The hype says its the scientific benchmark for dimensional stability in wood. Also that its virtually resistant to fungal and insect attack because the acetylation process alters it's chemistry to such an extent that the bugs don't want to eat it...
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    wooden window frame joinery

    I'm making two Oak windows for a friend and would like to know the right way to join the upper frame rail to the stile. I've included a pencil drawing to illustrate the question but put simply: do I have the rails longer in which case they cover the stiles end grain or the reverse? My...
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    WIP - Fence Post Tomato Planter

    Most of the fruit n veg is planted, growing and happy in our garden and that makes me feel pretty dam good I can tell you because with all the family illness woes over the past 4 years, it's nice to be able to get back to some semblance of normality. There's just 3 stray, homeless tommy-tato...
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    Cost to convert to 3 phase

    Has anyone recently had their workshop converted to 415V 3 phase and if so what was the cost please? Many thanks
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    Epic Haul of Lime, Sycamore and Birch

    A kind spirited new member of our club has control of a building site and at the weekend allowed a membership working party to wield the chainsaws! Last week his team cleared the site of the trees that had been designated as needing to make way for the houses and kindly left them in a monster...
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    Record Power RP2000 4 jaw Chuck

    I was fishing around for small diameter chucks the other day and in the end went for a collet chuck from Axy. However, once I received it I decided it wasn't fit for my purposes, though it was beautifully engineered. So that went back and today I got the very diminutive RP2000 at 62mm diameter...
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    Anyone used the RP2000 Chuck

    I'm in the market for the smallest diameter chuck I can get for turning a variety of small projects. I've had a good canter round the market and keep coming back to the Record Power RP2000 because it's only 62mm in diameter. It's also under £70 so isn't a bank breaker either. Trouble is I...
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    Supernova 2 - how to convert from 3/4" x 16tpi to M33 x 3.5

    This is likely a question for Chas but I thought I'd post in public in case other folk want to know the solution (if there is one). Basically, I would like to convert the first chuck I ever bought for use as a spare with an upgraded lathe but of course the thread is wrong. I've been getting...
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    Grandmas dining table

    I could use some advice on helping my MIL please. She's doing a charity dinner party in a couple of weeks at which she wants her dining table to be really well polished as it's looking a bit tired apparently. Is there a way of bringing back the lustre of a polished wooden table (teak) without...
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    Woodworking, Spring, Plants & Gardens

    That thread about keen gardeners has got me thinking about how my woodworking generally gets a boost at this time of year and it occurred to me that there is a natural relationship between growing things and wanting them in something that looks nice or has a practical value. Never really...
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    Taylor Spatial Frame - Very expensive bolts!!

    This is the frame that the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital removed from my sons leg yesterday. It's called a Taylor Spatial Frame and the lower portion is an Ilizarov frame. It had been in place since last August. Wires, held firmly in place at each ring, went right through the bone and...
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    It is with great sadness that I have to inform forum members that Bill Riley, Yewtube on the forum has passed away today. He was 74 and suffering from a heart problem. He had the engineering brain of 1 in a million and I cant count the times he helped me solve a tricky problem whether it was...
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    A couple of questions about built ins

    I'm asking for advice on a couple of aspects about fitting a built in shelving unit into a boot-room for a client. What's happening in my world is I'm getting increasing amounts of bespoke joinery jobs inside peoples homes. The latest is a request for a floor to ceiling boot rack/coat rack...
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    What margin might a garden centre typically take?

    Hi Folks I'm investigating a business model for a maker who is thinking of making/selling posh planters for retail sales via posh garden centres. He's at the stage where we're trying to figure out what margin the retailer might take in order to do the maths of what he'll be left with, in order...
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    Happy Christmas to everyone

    I'm going to be signing off to start prepping for the guests/wrapping pressy's for the kids etc so I'll wish you all a fabulous Christmas and New Year. :ho2
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    Whats the deal with Danish Oil?

    Is it suitable for an engineered solid oak kitchen worktop and if so how long would you let it dry/how many coats and how long dry time between coats? Would you denib between coats? I also will likely at some time need to take an old finish off and sand back to bare wood. My approach would be...
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    Oh Dear - he's gone and trumped them all!

    Game over folks...the most dangerous man in the history of the universe is now the leader of the free world!! I just heard the victory speech on the way back from the station....nearly crashed the car!