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  1. mrpercysnodgrass

    Sam an East End Cabinet Maker

    I have a copy of 'Sam an east end cabinet maker' which I thought I had lost but recently found. It is a pamphlet publication of the memoirs of Sam Clarke who grew up in Bethnal Green and worked as a cabinet maker in the furniture industry around that area from the early 1920's. It gives a...
  2. mrpercysnodgrass

    Sold Veritas Honing guide Mk.II

    Veritas Mk. II standard honing guide. I have only used this about three times, I bought a Tormek T7 and this has sat on the shelf ever since! £30 including mainland delivery.
  3. mrpercysnodgrass

    Sold Eclipse 280 Tank Cutter

    Eclipse tank and washer cutter No. 280. Unused with three cutters. £10 including delivery.
  4. mrpercysnodgrass

    For Sale Stanley 78 Rebate Plane

    Stanley 78 Rabbet plane in original box. I don't think this plane has ever been used. £50 including delivery.
  5. mrpercysnodgrass

    Sold Record 078 Rebate Plane

    Record 078 rebate plane in original box. I don't think this plane has ever been used. £50 including delivery.
  6. mrpercysnodgrass

    Sold Record 405 Multi Plane

    Record 405 multi plane in very good condition with a full set of cutters. £100 including delivery.
  7. mrpercysnodgrass

    Sold Woden Dowling Jig x190

    Woden Dowling jig in very good condition £35 including delivery
  8. mrpercysnodgrass

    Sold Woden 187 Saw Vice £50 including delivery

    Woden Saw vice in very good condition, grips the saw very well. I will throw in the Eclipse 77 saw setter £50. If you want the tenon saw I will post at cost (@£10)
  9. mrpercysnodgrass

    Sold Stanley 60 1/2 Block Plane

    Stanley 60 1/2 Block plane, in very good used condition with plenty of life left in the blade. £40 including mainland delivery
  10. mrpercysnodgrass

    Timber and Tool Sale

    Pughs in Ledbury are having their timber and tool sale on the 2nd January at their new showroom opposite the Rugby club. Always plenty of good green and seasoned timber and lots of shiny and not so shiny tools and machinery to be had.
  11. mrpercysnodgrass

    Rubio Monocoat

    I have a job coming up in a couple of weeks and I am thinking Rubio Monocoat Oil +2c might be the ideal finish. I have looked at a couple of videos but would appreciate thoughts from anyone here that has used it. What I want from it is a very hard wearing finish for an Ercol dining suite. What I...
  12. mrpercysnodgrass

    Sold Pen Tubes

    FTAGH Spare brass tubes PK 10 pairs 8mm x 53mm I bought these in error and will never use them so if anyone wants them they are yours. PM me your details and I will pop them in the post.
  13. mrpercysnodgrass

    Masks and Specs and Beards and Shopping

    I have been having a great deal of trouble with my specs steaming up when I go into shops, it became so bad one day in the supermarket I found myself doing that dreadful thing, pulling the mask below my nose! I now wear my GVS elipse half mask from my workshop which has eliminated the problem...
  14. mrpercysnodgrass

    Science Museum Needs Your Help

    Im surprised the peddle fret saw in in this appeal, I'm sure members here will come up with some good suggestions for the other items. https://www.theguardian.com/science/gal ... n-pictures
  15. mrpercysnodgrass

    Mahogany Bath

    I have this bath panelling that needs stripping and refinishing. I'm not very experienced with modern finishes. Is there a quick drying water resistant finish that will apply by brush. The top section can be removed so I can do this in my workshop however the base section will have to be done on...
  16. mrpercysnodgrass

    Chuck Identification

    I am helping a widow sell off her late husbands woodturning equipment, there is this chuck which I have been told is a 'collet chuck' but that is all I know. Can somebody identify the make for me please and if possible is there a manual for it that can be downloaded from somewhere. Also if you...
  17. mrpercysnodgrass

    Startrite 14-S-5 Tyres

    My 14-S-5 tyres have become damaged and need replacing, I have swapped the top and bottom wheels over which has improved the tracking for now. I have looked and can't find anyone that replaces the rubber. I found Urethane bandSaw tyres on ebay but they only seem to come from the USA. Does...
  18. mrpercysnodgrass

    Ticket Giveaway

    I have four tickets to give away for this weeks Art and Antiques Fair at Olympia 20-27th June the tickets also give entry into House & Garden Festival 20-24th June. First come first served, just pm me your details and I will pop them in the post to you.
  19. mrpercysnodgrass

    Planer Thicknesser

    I am in the market for a new planer thicknesser. It will have to be single phase and new, I'm not interested in second hand. I have had a look around and I am leaning toward the Startrite SD31, mainly because I like Startrite machines, it has very good reviews including some from members...
  20. mrpercysnodgrass

    Bernzomatic Braizing torch

    I have just acquired a Bernzomatic OX 5500 braizing torch like this one https://www.bernzomatic.com/Products/Ha ... n/WK5500OX I am finding it difficult to find the gas and oxygen canisters for them. Can somebody point me in the right direction please.