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  1. J

    arnold laver

    my local timber yard(hymor) has just been brought out by these. has anyone got any experience with them? what benefits will they bring? hymor I've always found good but overpriced at my level. and a bit awkward to buy from. as an example I phoned the other week asking about there prices of...
  2. J

    b and q pressure treated timber

    I've just started to repair my decking and every joist apart from one from b and q was in perfect condition. the other ones were sawn and treated especially for me from a Woodyard the other side of Nottingham. the b and q joist and all other pressure treated wood from b and q was totally rotted...
  3. J

    valspar v700 wood and metal

    just a recommendation for this product. I've just sprayed a wardrobe using this and I'm very impressed. it dries nicely hard in good time. and I found its just right for going through an air assisted airless pump. obviously it's huge advantage is its available at b and q mixed in all colours...
  4. J

    gate design suggestions

    hi guys can anyone give me any good ideas of what the original gate design would be in the photo.
  5. J

    air assisted airless

    hi peeps just wondering if anybody knows much about these things. what the figures mean ie 30/1 and which ones best for water based paint. they seem very confusing but I'm thinking everything does til you have an understanding!
  6. J

    parf mk2 faff

    I'm looking to make a workable to square the ends of 2.4m wardrobes. I thought the parf guide system and some dogs would be just the thing. anyway I started to try and research this but noone seemed to have made a large cutting table. also the amount of twaddle(guff) waffle about using them...
  7. J

    multico tm tips

    I've had(about 12 months) and rebuilt a multico and put whitehill combi blocks on. it really is a outstanding machine. I've made over 20 doors, Gates, windows etc. first off I don't tend to do a 4 inch tenon in one go as it seems excessive. can I? cutting past the halfway point feels...wrong...
  8. J

    morticing a pedestal table

    I'm just making a small pedestal table and I've nearly finished but I'm at the stage of doing the dovetail slots for the three legs. I think my lathe has facility to divide the spindle into 3(havent checked yet but I'm 90% sure) should I make some sort of box to attach to the lathe bed and use...
  9. J

    shadow line on bosch mitre saw

    I brought one of these after it was mentioned on this forum. works perfectly. fits perfectly. its an improvement because its "everrite" ie it can't be off. I found it easy to split a pencil line! the original laser was a sturdy item by comparison but not as good. a little pricey but I recall the...
  10. J

    first go at timber framing

    After some delay.such as building the dwarf wall. I've now sourced the wood. I drew the rods out last week. today I thought I would try a mortice and tenon. on a 6ft post and a 5ft bottom plate. it went really well. I drilled with a flat bit and chopped. I used an old makita 235mm saw for the...
  11. J


    my ancient King brand combination 1000/6000 is getting very very thin. what are my replacement options and where should I buy them from? I've seem to have a mix of steels Japanese a2 etc
  12. J

    armadillo series a spindle block

    hi I've just brought one of these i put a cheeky bid in and got it! does anyone have any info about them as they don't seem to be listed on the armac website. gerrymet seem to grind custom cutters. but not much else. what I will say is its a large and heavy block.
  13. J

    kelham island

    I went to Kelham Island today. they are rapidly knocking the lot down. last time I went tyzacks frontage was still there george Barnsley was still there. Atkinson walker was still punching teeth on handsaws. the place was nice and rundown now its all pretty much gone replaced with student...
  14. J

    making a traditional front door.

    on Wednesday I went to remove a front door for refurb and painting. anyway I removed the ply that was nailed on the back and it became obvious the door was in a terrible condition and it would not be possible to return this in any decent condition. both bottom tenons had rotted all panels had...
  15. J

    advice on tools for timber framing.

    I've got several smallish oak frame jobs coming up and I'm wondering how best to cut the m and t's. I could try to hire a makita chain morticer if it would speed stuff up a bit. we do have a big bandsaw but would need to buy a roller stand. we have a chainsaw. I could buy other stuff if it...
  16. J

    quebec yellow pine

    I've just made a large set of wardrobe doors in this timber and was really impressed. also called weymouth pine. it comes in approx 12 by a fat 1 1/2 boards. at £2 a foot. why is it so good.. its amazingly stable. these were double doors 5 1/2 ft wide 70inch tall. rebated middle. and I only used...
  17. J

    spindle moulder speeds.

    I've got an scm t40n its 3 kw three phase. I've recently acquired a 150 by 60 aluminium rebate block. it looks huge. is it unsuitable for my 4hp spindle? also its 2 knife. what speed is best. mine has 6000 and 8000 also 2 slower cant remember which. jb
  18. J

    Droopy dominoes!

    I've had a xl700 domino for a while and noticed that when I set the fence angle on the detent(at90) it's drooping. So say I'm joining a door the end grain mortice and the long grain mortice are pointing in different directions! The fence angle isn't adjustable on the detent. I've made a strip of...
  19. J

    Hammer n4400 review

    Just a quick review of my new(used) saw. It's not silly heavy. Take the table off and it can be maneuvered about. Two brush stails and it's mobile. I spent a few hours wiring it up as it's three phase. I brought a spare 16 a isolator from the other side of the workshop through the roof space...
  20. J

    Hammer n4400 bandsaw blades

    Hi I've just brought one of these and it's come with a few blades. One is 30mm and a silvery colour, not the normal black. Any ideas if a this saw could tension such a blade(It implies it can on the tension scale) what type of blade this is? What are good resaw blades and good go blades? The...