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    Long Straight Edge options?

    A joke, I know , but one of those won't take out a bow unless the opposite face is flat. I know a worshop that has a lovelyWadkin planer with 8' beds; now that would do it, but I wouldn't fancy putting my bench across it!
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    Woodworking Youtubers

    I rarely look at woodworking Youtubers so thought I would have a quick look at Foureyes and chose his Xbox stand. Nice design, but he cut the shelves leaning right across a guardless table saw. That was enough for me. These people are so dangerous for inexperienced amateurs - no wonder the US...
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    Bandsaw Wander

    I have had a couple of M42 blades snap on my Felder bandsaw (Italian, so not made by Felder, but still a quality machine). I am an amateur so the machine isn't used every day or even every week and the blades certainly did not last 5x the life of a carbon blade. I discussed this with Ian and...
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    Wood for my next project

    I have bought from W L West, but I now go to English Woodlands who have invested heavily in their business and are very well organised and customer friendly. I have had consistently good sycamore from them. Jim
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    Wood for my next project

    For a modern look the paler species work well. I have a soft spot for sycamore it's not as hard or heavy as maple and easier to work and doesn't have tp come from the other side of the world. I have never had any stability problems with it. The only real problem is that it has to be dried...
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    Saw dust is not a good idea on gardens. It requires a lot of nitrogen to decompose it which it will take from the soil at the expense of plants, for which it is a vital nutrient. My local tip is happy for me to dump it into the green waste, are you being refused because you have such large...
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    Oak tannin stains?

    Oxalic Acid crystals are widely available. AG Woodcare are vg in my experience Oxalic Acid Crystals. It may not work on all your staining but quite a bit of it looks like iron staining and oxalic is definitely the way to go for that. Jim
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    Bowed cupped lid - is this fixable?

    That's a very sad outcome - the box looks really good - I hope you manage to get it sorted or that time allows it to sort itself. Jim
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    Router tables

    I see the Triton MOf001 is rated at 1400w. I reckon that's about the minimum size for serious table use, and the OPs table certainly looks like it is intended for serious work. For me, I regard a 1/2" collet as vital, I hate 1/4" bits, they simply don't have the rigidity for a decent cut if put...
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    Router tables

    I have the big Festool which is terrific, smooth great control and lots of really good features. I have used quite a few routers but this is easily the best. It is a lot of money but for me, worth it. Jim
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    Spokeshaves (and drawknives) are wondeful for working in the round and will teach you more about coping with changes in grain direction in a few hours than years of working with square stuff. A good shave gives loads of feedback through the tool and into the fingers about what is going on at...
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    I must admit I have never found a metal shave that I liked.. I then bought the flat and convex versions of the Woodjoy shaves , I think from Classic Hand Tools. I have done loads of complex curved work with these and they are brilliant. Push pull Allen screw adjustment is great, extremely...
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    Hand tools being sold for charity

    I'm now selling some more great tools in aid of Ovarian Cancer Action, as follows: 1 Record 0113 Compass plane Record No 0113 Compass or Circular Plane | eBay 2 Holtey replacement blade for Stanley/Record planes Holtey replacement blade for Stanley or Record planes 2 3/8 inches wide, unused...
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    Tools being sold for charity

    I am now listing more quality tools I don't use on ebay and all proceeds will be donated to Ovarian Cancer Action. Full details can be found on Deals, Offers and Bargains Elsewhere I hope the moderators will indulge me in what will be a post on two forums because I wanted to have a heads-up...
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    Hand tools being sold for charity

    Thanks Tradesman, glad you like it and good luck with the auction. Jim
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    Hand tools being sold for charity

    Dear Kev, It's good to hear of younger people taking up woodworking, don't let fear of failure inhibit your ambition - there is always help out there. I started serios w/w when I retired at 57 and it has been a very rewarding hobby. If you are interested in seeing some of my work you can find...
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    Hand tools being sold for charity

    Thanks Kev, I'm in my late 70's and while I plan to continue woodworking for as long as I can, it makes you think what will happen to the tools when you die - most likely sold to a dealer for next to nothing - so why not sell the ones I won't use to people who will really appreciate them and do...
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    Hand tools being sold for charity

    Thanks starlingwood, Ovarian Cancer Action will be most grateful. I am totting up the amounts large and small - all most graefully received - and will send them the total in one go. If you PM me with your email address I will keep you in touch with progress if you woulld like that. Oh, and by...
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    Hand tools being sold for charity

    The blade is skewed so you get more of a slicing cut which on some woods may give a better finish. Sorry, no 5 1/2. Jim
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    Hand tools being sold for charity

    I'm not a tool collector, but over the years I have accumulated a number of tools which, for one reason or another, I find I don't use, so I have decided to auction them off on ebay and all the proceeds will be donated to Ovarian Cancer Action. I have been giving some thought to the tools I...