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    Sharpenning carving gouges

    You’ll want a couple of in-cannel gouges for your corner blocks, size dependent on the size of violin / viola etc., you’re making. You can often find them on auction web-sites, these days.
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    French Polish Problem.

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    Good quality hide glue

    The reason that brown Titebond doesn't set in the bottle once opened is that it contains a chemical additive designed to prevent setting. It may be more reliable now, but then (some 20 years ago) I had the embarrassment of a violin fingerboard which I'd glued down with brown Titebond simply...
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    Purchasing tools on ebay

    I sold an item (a relatively rare bicycle-saddled treadle fretsaw, of US origin) on eBay, and specified ‘UK only’, because I had experienced difficulties with buyers in the USA claiming their own shipper was less expensive, etc., and generally arguing post-sale about shipping costs and duties...
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    Ordering hand tools from EU sources

    Correct, it was Dieter Schmid (sic) who replied by return of email to my enquiry about not shipping to the UK.
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    When to replace a plane blade

    I quite agree; the hollow grind is a heresy, and should only be necessary after damage to an iron, which shouldn’t happen anyway!
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    Mitre Saw

    I don’t want to sound evangelical about working by hand here; I work to a much smaller scale than many members, and don’t do this kind of work with the frequency that some do, but I have two mitre saws, a restored Ulmia 348, which (unlike today’s still-produced models) came with a very nice...
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    Ordering hand tools from EU sources

    You’re absolutely right about adding (semi- in this case) permanent frets to a cello; the fact that the bridge responds to string pressure (in either direction) by pulling the instrument out of tune is a huge issue, meaning checking the bridge angle before and after playing, every time. Having...
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    Ordering hand tools from EU sources

    Most of my work has been on un-fretted instruments, on instruments with tied frets (lutes, viols) or on some instruments (citterns) where frets were wedged in place with variably-sized (ebony, usually) fillets as spacers, so that they could be replaced with smaller / larger spacers in order to...
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    Ordering hand tools from EU sources

    I do have a couple of floats (I made a couple of planes a few years ago) but nothing that small; I'll look out something to make one with, thanks.
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    Ordering hand tools from EU sources

    I guess I'm not very well informed about tolerances; I assumed that the stage of technology is such today that 3mm meant 3 mm, or something closer than 2.50. I don't have a router, as such (not an electric one, anyway, and not a hand one small enough) and setting up something to rout a 1mm...
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    Ordering hand tools from EU sources

    I would love to have your ancient chisel, please, and I'd be only too happy to pay what you ask, plus postage. It's most kind of you; I hadn't expected that! I think I would have to message you (is it called DM-ing? I'm not fully au fait with these things) and I shall find out how to do that...
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    Ordering hand tools from EU sources

    Having received this morning from a UK supplier an order of one ‘3mm mortise chisel’ for a specific use, I was not altogether surprised to read on the packaging that it was a ‘1/8th (3mm) chisel’. I had gone through the various offerings available, and had excluded the several other nominally...
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    Make fun of the foolish american buyer....

    I’m very much prepared to be shot down on this, but is the skewed set of the handle a function of handedness, in this instance? Some of the bench planes that I have (German / Czech ones) are offered in left - and right-handed versions.
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    Interwood Veneer Press?

    The workshop in which I trained had several of these, though all around half the size of this one. They were used for making ‘black/white/ black’ violin purpling, from 2mm slices of holly sandwiched between black stuff we just called ‘Fiber’ (fibre). The very best purfling was done with...
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    Bronze Miniature Hand Plane - What Use?

    Not luthier’s planes, at all, but copies of Chinese planes. They work on the pull-stroke, as do the similar (though un-handled) Japanese planes. All sizes of these come in wood, rather than bronze; I’d be inclined to check that the castings are properly dimensional, and the soles flat.
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    Do I need a 5 1/2 plane.

    I’m one of `the ‘swear by’ lot, using an Emmerich (aka ECE / Ulmia OTT) Primus reform plane, model 12748, and not just because of the weight factor, though it helps a lot.
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    Harvesting wood by myself

    Eucalyptus seems to me to be good only for blunting any tool you care to apply to it ...
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    Marking Knife

    I use two old-fashioned marking knives, both ground only on the one side. Thinner blades are mostly not stable enough for work on hardwoods. Whichever hand you use, having both left and right-handed marking knives will let you change direction without having to move / in-clamp the workpiece.
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    Posting in the for sale section

    Avoid selling at live auctions if you can. When I retired, I closed the workshop and shipped all of my general woodworking tools and equipment to a well-known tools auctioneers. It was a disaster; they bundled all of the valuable items in just the same way they did the boxes of (for instance)...