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    Tools being sold for charity

    I am now listing more quality tools I don't use on ebay and all proceeds will be donated to Ovarian Cancer Action. Full details can be found on Deals, Offers and Bargains Elsewhere I hope the moderators will indulge me in what will be a post on two forums because I wanted to have a heads-up...
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    Hand tools being sold for charity

    I'm not a tool collector, but over the years I have accumulated a number of tools which, for one reason or another, I find I don't use, so I have decided to auction them off on ebay and all the proceeds will be donated to Ovarian Cancer Action. I have been giving some thought to the tools I...
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    Workshop Insurance

    If I added up the cost of replacing everything in my workshop (amateur) it would come to a lot of money by most people's standards, not least my own! Most household structure and contents policies limit cover for what they describe as "outbuildings". In my case, my workshop is attached to the...
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    Parmesan tree

    Not really anything to do with woodworking as as suchbut interesting nonetheless. Came across this on a Canadian forum. https://forum.canadianwoodworking.com/forum/woodworking/woodworking-aa/1135789-parmesan-tree. Assuming it is genuine, it would be interesting to know how such a case would...
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    Second generation water borne finishes

    For those of you who are interested in finishes but like me, only look at the Finishes forum occasionally, I have started a thread under this heading in that Forum and would welcome your views/experiences. Jim
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    Second generation water borne finishes

    Having experimented with WB finishes several times over the years, I have always disliked them for their cold and lifeless appearance when compared with my usual choices - shellac, pre-cat lacquer and, occasionally, oil based polyurethane. All of these are, of course, solvent based and...
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    Awkward clamping

    Recently started a glue up without thinking it through fully and needed to clamp a joint with one outside face which was curved and nowhere at right parallel to the surfaces to be clamped. Panic! Need a shaped block . The first thing that came to hand was one of those waxy/rubbery blocks that...
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    Call me a nerd if you like...

    ... but I've been thinking a lot about cabinet scrapers lately. Such a brilliantly simple but effective tool that it is all too easy to neglect to treat them with the respect they deserve. So, after far too long storing my scrapers like this only (unsurprisingly) to find the hooks...
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    User manuals

    Good to see a magazine having the guts to offend advertisers by writing about the disgraceful quality of far too many manuals for woodworking power tools and machinery and to name some names. The August issue of Furniture & Cabinetmaking has an excellent article by Geoffrey Laycock. He has a...
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    Soft starters

    I recently bought a Makita mitre saw and I am generally very happy with it. It needed adjustment to to bring both angle settings into 90 deg but that may be down to it being a display model at Axminster. However, there are two things about it that I hate The first iis how useless the...
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    Skelton saws

    Good to see Shane Skelton on Antiques Roadshow from Harrogate tonight, with some of his early saws. Jim
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    Make what you like with an inspirational tutor

    If you fancy a five day summer course where you can make whatever you like with a truly inspirational teacher in a beautiful place, I can thoroughly recommend this course at West Dean https://www.westdean.org.uk/study/short-courses/courses/5d6276-advanced-furniture-making-individual-projects. I...
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    Plywood and ball bearing music machine

    This is worth a look for its sheer bravado https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvUU8joBb1Q Jim
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    LED tubbes as replacement for fluorescent tubes

    I have daylight fluorescent tubes in my workshop and like them a lot but I have recently had contact problems on them and trouble getting them started when the workshop is really cold so am considering LED fluorescent replacement tubes which appear to offer similar light qualities (very wide...
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    Double sided tape

    I used to buy d/s tape from B&Q. It had a yellow backing and white plastic adhesive base. It held firmly but you could still peel it off relatively easily once it had served its purpose eg pattern routing. Can't find anything as good now. Any suggestions anyone? Jim
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    Festool CTL 26 E extractor bargain

    I have been thinking about buying one of these for a while but put off by the price of around £470. I enquired at Dictum thinking the Euro exchange rate might help but it would be a special order with them at E609 (£444) so not much of a saving. I thought I would just check out Axminster and...
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    Do you love our craft?

    It seems unlikely that you don't if you are a mwmbwr of this forum, in which case you may be alarmed or even outraged to hear that the Government is proposing to reclassify craft activities as "non-creative". This re-classification relates to the counting of craft activities in the measurement...
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    Old Iron

    What people will take on never ceases to amaze me. This is what I call serious old iron http://forums.delphiforums.com/n/main.asp?webtag=burl&nav=messages&start=Start+Reading+%3E%3E&prettyurl=%2Fburl%2Fmessages%2F%3Fstart%3DStart%2BReading%2B%253E%253E&gid=2014119174. I wonder if Mark (Wallace...
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    Glue comparison link

    Fairly recently someone on here posted a link to a very good comparison of properties and performance of different glues. Failed to bookmark it and now I can't find it, of course. Can anyone help please? Jim
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    Question for you history buffs

    When did it beome customary for the inside of fine quality furniture to have a finish applied to the interior? I'm not talking drawers here, they are a special case, but cupboards and other cabinet pieces. No self respecting cabinet maker with aspirations would now dream of leaving a piece...